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you're back! now I won't let you leave me... again...
It was a regular Tuesday, well except from the fact that mom wasn't at home... but I'm already getting used to it. Anyway, I remember she told me she's be back in a few days, so I'll be brave.

It was noonish and it was a bit warm and sunny, so I was just being lazy and laying on the backyard aka my kingdom. Then I listened the garage door was opening. It might be grandpa. He left driving his old and beloved Volkswagen Beetle, just hope he didn't have a problem with the car.

Then I heard it. It was mom! She came back, but I couldn't see or listen any suitcase... oh yes! She just took the backpack. She opened the door and saw me. I was jumping, so she could notice me, hehe, and she did it. She opened the backyard door and let me in, yay! Freedom!!! I'm the real Gunther! Pet me! Tell me you left the mini one, hahaha.

I tried to play difficult, but couldn't help it when mom kneeled to hug me, hehehe. Yes, I missed you too mom! My uncle tried to take me for a walk once, but we came back just after 10min! I guess I was to crazy for him, hehehe. Well, she's back and I was expecting going out for a walk, but she had tons of work to catch up... oh well, I can wait 1 more day, but just 1! No problem, while she's working, I'll sleep next to her at the HQ, watching all her moves, hehehe.
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youre back! now I wont let you l…
you're back! now I won't let you …
now that shes back, I can sleep ;)
now that she's back, I can sleep ;)
photo by: rsvpme