Who's knocking the door on Sunday night? It's mom!!! :)

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I got you! Now, you wouldn't move!
Why didn't anybody tell me what's going on? I was the last one who was told mom was going to highlands for a couple of days. Actually she told me that right before leaving... Usually she travels for 5 days, so having her back on Sunday was a huge and total unexpected surprise, but a very nice one of course.

It was Sunday night - around 8:30 - when she arrived. I have already been sent to the backyard and was told it was time to go to bed. Ok, ok, I'll go to my house... but suddenly mom arrived and opened the door to let me in, yay!!! She brought typical candies, typical snacks, cheese, bread for my grandparents. But, what about me???

Well she saved some cookies and she took the sweet bread with her to Huancayo, but didn't eat it. So, the bread would be for me, yay! My loaf was small and I have already eaten all of it. Mom let me hang out with them, while they were having a cup of coffee and chatting. But she had to go to bed soon. Tomorrow she will go back to the gym and I will go for a walk. Nobody took me out while she wasn't at home... so I'm expecting to be walked for hours and hours :P
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I got you! Now, you wouldnt move!
I got you! Now, you wouldn't move!
hope there is something for me ins…
hope there is something for me in…
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