They ate too much and I went for a long walk, hurra!!!

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damn, I was so concentrated that didn't notice when she left... she's sneaky...
Today was a holiday and everyone was at home. Gym didn't work today, so mom took me for a run early in the morning, yay! I love these holidays, hehehe! We came back home, I was about taking a nap, when I noticed she was getting ready to leave, what? Mmm, aren't holidays supposed to stay at home and be lazy? Well, I guess it's not like that when you are a TB addict like mom ;)

Well, she left... again... at least this time she wasn't carry a backpack... Later, I was having lunch when I heard the garage door opening, mmm. Is anybody there? Well, food was very yummy, hehehe. Then mom came. Hola! "Bebe, estas comiendo?" (Baby, are you eating?) And I started to chew faster. Then I heard when she told grandma she was with BiG and they would take me for a walk if I finish my food.
ready to go
And so did I ;)

As she said, once I was ready we went for a walk. It would be a long one. I heard mom and BiG were saying how much they eat and would like to walk as much as possible in order to burn some calories, hahaha. Yay! That meant exploring new areas and discovering  new parks, sweet! We walked much longer than the last time and it even got darker, great! I don't know how it happened, but at some point I turned back, because I was going front and noticed mom wasn't holding my leash. Mmm, am I free??? No, BiG was holding it, hahaha. Well, now he'd notice how strong I am, yay!

Finally we came back around 7pm. It was getting a bit chilly so the idea of going back home wasn't bad at all. Just hope tomorrow they'd have lunch again, which means much food and longer walks for me, yay!!! Anyway, I'm an honorary TB, so I want meet TB's too :)
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damn, I was so concentrated that d…
damn, I was so concentrated that …
ready to go
ready to go
Im waiting for mom...
I'm waiting for mom...
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