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What's going on, mom? Please, tell me!
I didn't tell mom anything, but I noticed something unusual was going on lately. I saw her busier than usual, but not because she was meeting people or anything like that... How strange! First I thought it was because of grandma's birthday party, but this has already been over and mom was still running from one place to another.

Mom loves me and I love her, but she was taking more pictures of myself than usual, which I like, but still it's a bit strange... Also I noticed when she was talking and I was approaching, suddenly she stopped or if I was already there, she covered my ears. I thought she was about traveling - again! And was almost 100% sure about that when I saw her cleaning a suitcase, but it was for my grandpa who went to visit family.

Anyway, I've seen mom spending more time with grandma. Definitely, something is going on. Therefore and just in case, I decided to spend more time with mom and became her shadow, hahaha. It doesn't matter where she goes, I'm always following her, hehe. I accept it, I can be a bit annoying, but can't allow myself to let her alone. The other day she took me to a photo session, hahaha. Well, the town hall needs all the dogs are registered and they ask for 2 passport size photos. I have tons of pictures, but it should be an official one, looking serious...

Mmm, still don't know what's going on but mom becomes busier / crazier daily... if anybody knows what's happening, please let me know!!! I won't tell mom you told me :P
yadilitta says:
Ok, tío Umberto. Voy a ser paciente y esperar tranquilo....
Posted on: May 19, 2010
huibdos says:
Caro Gunther,
You have to be brave and espera, until mum will tell you.
Look at the bright side: You will have your pasaporte and the chance to ir de viaje.
Hasta pronto?
Un abrazo, tio Umberto
Posted on: May 19, 2010
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Whats going on, mom? Please, tell…
What's going on, mom? Please, tel…
Wont be illegal anymore!
Won't be illegal anymore!
will stay as close as possible...
will stay as close as possible...
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