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how can I wear it?
Some days ago mom came back with a nice backpack. It wasn't as big as the one he used when she went away for 1 month. It was medium sized. She was so happy with that, that I was happy too. The backpack stayed at the HQ, but I forgot about it. I even started to like it until...

She started to work earlier as usual and before going to the gym she went upstairs with the backpack. What's going on? And then... I saw it... she was about starting to pack! She had even rebottled her shampoo and conditioner in small cute bottles. Oh no!!!  I heard when she was saying she wanted to have everything ready before going to the gym, since the taxi would come in the afternoon. Why mom, why???

I jumped on the bed and tried to do my best mom not to reach the backpack.
what it that Minigunther doing there?
But she did it... I even tried to fit inside and when I realized I wouldn't be able to breathe inside I got another idea. What about if I carry the backpack? Maybe if I did so, mom would take me...

She took me for a long walk - since she's the only one who walks me - gave me extra treats and spoiled me a lot. Also I heard when she told grandma and grandpa to take special care of me. Thank you mom, but it wouldn't be the same. Well, if she was going, I would spend as much time as possible with her right now, hehe. I didn't want to leave her alone and while she was taking a shower, I was waiting at the door, maybe she would be sneaky and leave when I'm not seeing.

Then the taxi arrived and was time for mom to leave... Grandpa took me to the backyard and I wasn't able to give mom the last hug. If I would have been outside, I would have grabbed her jeans and didn't let her move, hehe. But she came next to the glass to say good bye and I saw it! That little Minigunther was going with her, grrrr. I should have eaten it when I had the chance... just kidding, good to know mom would be thinking about me :)
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how can I wear it?
how can I wear it?
what it that Minigunther doing the…
what it that Minigunther doing th…
it stays here!
it stays here!
photo by: rsvpme