Mom brought a BiG friend, but I wasn't expecting visitors...

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I fall asleep taking care of the backpack and they left, grrr
It was a regular day for me... having breakfast, playing around and being lazy. Mom went to the gym, but when she came back she didn't open the door to let me in as usual, mmm, what's going on? a couple of minutes later she opened it and I saw that somebody was there. Mmm, I don't recognize him... oh! he might be one of mom's international friends, but I'm so scruffy, I'm not ready to meet anyone...

Nevermind, I run and tried to give him a hug, hahaha. BiG wanted to play with me, but mom didn't leave him. She told him they were in a rush, but would come back to spend some time with me :( oh well, I'd be here waiting for you guys! I stayed at home, had lunch and it was almost around 4:30pm when I listened the door, they were back! Yay! They weren't kidding when they said they'd come for me :)

I heard when mom said they ate too much and they would take me for a long walk, yay!!! I'd show BiG who walks whom, hahaha.
with my new friend :P
I might be small, but I'm strong. I wanted to show him around "my" neighborhood. Mom shows around Lima and I show around home, hehehe. That sounds fair to me. We went to the small park, the big one and walked along the avenue. But suddenly we changed direction, what happened? Mom saw a group of 5 dogs walking alone and decided to go other way. Mmm, she was fast. If I'd have seen him, I'd have started to bark, hahaha. Yes, I don't know to choose my battles... :P I hope BiG would stay in town as long as possible and they both would go out every day, hehehe. After about an hour we came back home. I went to the backyard to drink some water and they were already gone, oh no! But mom came back soon :)
yadilitta says:
thanks, Mark!!!
Posted on: Oct 13, 2009
travelman727 says:
Gunther, you really ARE the TravBuddy dog! :-)
Posted on: Oct 13, 2009
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I fall asleep taking care of the b…
I fall asleep taking care of the …
with my new friend :P
with my new friend :P
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