Mom is back!!!! I was all scruffy, but she didn't care about that :)

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you left me alone for so long...
I have been missing mom, so much. From time to time grandma told me she was asking for me, but that's it. She never called me, :(
So, in order not to forget her I was spending time at her room or at least try to do it until grandpa found me and sent me back to the yard :P

It was almost 9pm and I was already in my house, getting ready to sleep. It was a bit cold outside and didn't want to leave even when I listened a car stopped at the door and then I heard it: "Bebito!!!!" OMG! Is that mom? Yes, she is!!!! Finally!!!! I was so excited that I started to jump and bark so grandma would let me in. When she did I run straight to mom, didn't even let her take her big backpack, hahaha. Nobody took me to the grooming before mom arrived. I was a bit ashamed I wasn't looking handsome and was a bit smelly, but mom didn't care about that. Grandma didn't want me to be so close to mom, but she told her "it's ok!" Yes, that's mom!!!

She started to unpack her magnets but I barely left her room to move, hehe. I had so many things to tell her. It was the longest time I have been without mom... but I survived!!! Ok, now I have a new goal. I'll start behaving better, so mom can take me with her next time and will look for all the paperwork she has to do for me to travel with her ;)
WonderDog says:
Woof! Scooter know how you feel!
Posted on: Aug 02, 2009
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you left me alone for so long...
you left me alone for so long...
mom! you are back!!!
mom! you are back!!!
dont leave me alone again!!!
don't leave me alone again!!!
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