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eating under mom's desk, hehehe
Mom usually has lunch at home and after having lunch is time to feed me, hehehe. When she's not at home, my nanny - Olga, feeds me, but today was different. Mom was having lunch with some friends from the gym and my nanny wasn't at home either. Well, I was expecting my grandfather to feed me, but he didn't :(

Mom arrived around 3:30pm. She went into the kitchen and let me in, when she noticed my plate was empty and not because I'd eaten. I was barking trying to say: "Mom, nobody fed me when you weren't here. Nobody was there for me..." She was in a hurry, had to go back to her office and couldn't stay longer at the kitchen, but she knew I wouldn't eat if she left me alone - so spoiled, hahaha. Also I don't eat my dog food alone, she has to mix it with a bit of human food, hehehe. Anyway, she got an idea! She took a part of the newspaper and my plate with food. And we went to her office.

She covered the floor with newspaper, otherwise it would be too messy and left my plate there. At the beginning I was so concerned thinking mom would leave me alone, but once I realized she wouldn't move. I started to eat, hahaha. Yes, I know too spoiled, but she left me alone!!! :P
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eating under moms desk, hehehe
eating under mom's desk, hehehe
nobody was there for me, mom! I wa…
nobody was there for me, mom! I w…
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