Finally mom came back... it was about time... :P

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hey! is mom arriving?
Wow! suddenly mom decided to leave to Mancora with friends in order to look for some sunny days, beach and fun. But what about me? Should I stay alone in cloudy Lima? Well, I shouldn't be unfair. I wasn't alone. Grandma and my nanny were taking care of me, but it's not the same...

Well, I agreed mom left for 4 days, but she didn't come back until 6 days! OMG! That's not fair. Every day I was looking forward to see her crossing the door, but nothing. I didn't want to eat and my nanny told me mom wouldn't come back unless I eat all my food. And so did I! I think that's why she showed up on Thursday noon.

I was so excited to see her, specially because I just went to the grooming the day before and was looking handsome, hehehe. As soon as she crossed the door, I started to jump around her. She seemed to be a bit tired, so I didn't bark, but tried to hug her, well her arm, hehehe. I was trying to tell her all the things that happened while she wasn't at home. She was saying how handsome I looked, hehehe. And also said loud that she saw awful dogs in Mancora, aghhhhhhh.

Suddenly, she wanted to leave... again?!?!?! nooooooo!!!! just in case I will follow her really really close, hehehe. Oh! then I realized she was just going to the bathroom, hahaha. Welcome home mom! I was a good kid and ate all my food and you realized there are not more handsome dogs than me :P
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hey! is mom arriving?
hey! is mom arriving?
I ate all my food :P
I ate all my food :P
mmm, now I will stay really close …
mmm, now I will stay really close…
photo by: rsvpme