Another long walk with mom and BiG, but it was sunny today, yay!!!

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ok, let me tell you a secret... I'll be a good boy ;)
Mom went to the gym, came back, spent some time and then left me... again... doesn't she think she's hurting my feelings... hahaha, how dramatic, hahaha.

Mom came back around 3pm. Yes, she was with BiG which meant they might have eaten a lot and wanted to take a long walk, hahaha. This time was early and it was sunny, so nothing could stop us now :)

BiG took my leash since the very beginning, hehehe. I'd be a good boy. We started to walk in a different direction than yesterday. I was jumping and running. Yesterday mom showed BiG than when I don't want to obbey, she starts to run and so do I. BiG learned it and when I didn't want to follow him, he ran and I went after him, yay!!!

We were walking along a nice park and a puppy came to me. BiG was about making me move and mom told him to let me there and see how I react. Well, I did behave very good and made mom feel proud of me, good boy!

The sunny day was perfect, but it was too hot. So after an hour something we went back home. Everyone wanted to have some water. I heards this was BiG's last day in Lima... hopefully next TB would like to meet me and hang out with me too and not only with mom :)
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ok, let me tell you a secret... I…
ok, let me tell you a secret... I…
take me!!!
take me!!!
photo by: rsvpme