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Mocha waching a movie :)
Day 4 : RAIN all day

Woke up at 8:30am because I went to bed pretty early last night and couldn't sleep well because of my back's sunburn. I have a 'ribbon' on my back now ;) hehehe
Was hungry so went to buffet breakfast. It was 195 and they had many different types of food. Bread, Cereal, Fried rice, Noodles, Soup, Potatos, Veges, and more.. It was yummy ;)

Right after I got back to my room, I heard something from ouside.. It was thunder and started raining.. It's my last day in Koh Samet and it's raining!! I wanted to go back to Ao Nual for swimming but I can't go ANYWHERE!!! The rain was heavier!!! Wanted to swim and get some more tan!! Glad I did some yesterday.

So, my plan for today was all changed! I decided to stuck in my room for ALL DAY! Let's say.. 'lazy day'. hehe :P
Started to watch movies from the morning. Oh oh.. TV isn't working, I mean only movie channels won't work!!! It was because of rain and thunders. Back to normal after a few minutes but that happened quite a lot today.

Took a nap for a few hours. Wait, more than a few hours.. hehe :P Woke up at 4pm... What a waste but it was raining outside anyway..
Oh and a few times, my room was shaking when I heard thunder. Wow! That was thrilling :D

At 5pm, there was some noise from outside.. Someone was singing really loud. Not only one, maybe more than 2 people were singing.. Were they drunk or what? So loud and was a bad singing lol!
Stopped rain for a bit but started again.. *sigh*

I was so hungry at night so I went to the restaurant and had Mexican food. Gosh! This restaurant's Mexican rocks! Was Sooo yummy!!!!
I still had a trauma about Mexican food from last visit to Chiang Mai. I was alright this time.

Back to room and did some packing.
Hmm.. This beach has too many dogs.. plus their shit all over on the beach. You've gotta be careful if you go there :P

It was pitty that it rained all day on my last day. But I like being lazy and do nothing for one day so it was okay, I guess :0
My last day in Koh Samet was only watching movies and ate some food. hahaha  Couch potato day, perhaps?!
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Mocha waching a movie :)
Mocha waching a movie :)
Ko Samet
photo by: bcbusdriver