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my chocolate cake!!
Got back home last night from a great trip and pretty tired..
No more traveling for a while and that is sucks!
When I was waiting for my backpack last night at the airport, I was worried cuz my backpack didn't come out til the last!!! I always get mine earlier than everyone else but this time I waited for over 20 minutes!! I didn't bring anything fancy but I wanted my backpack back!! Glad it came finally... Phew...

At around 1:30am, my cell phone started to ringing and it was withheld. I picked up a few seconds later but the person on the phone hung up. I thought it was a mistake.

My new decade just started. My mom told me I was born at 3pm so I was having fun being 20's until 3pm :)

I realized I've never went out on my birthday.
yuka and me! wow,i'm so tanned lol!!!
I had dinner with my family but never with my friends. My friends are way too busy at work. lol
But I met up with my good friend for over 10 years this year.
I wanted to have some cake on my bday so we went to our favorite cake shop called 'Harbs'. The cake is huge but expensive, so as drinks... Maybe drinks are more expensive than cakes. haha   But it was yummy as usual :)
I looked up my phone and there was another withheld phone called and I missed it. It was weird!! This person calling me twice on my birthday and never leave any messages!!!

I really wanted to take my friend to my favorite bar. I mentioned this bar so many times so I'm not gonna say which one :P

That night at this bar was a bit differet. They had a live band and the music was rock and doesn't fit to that bar at all.
a birthday card from my family :) they know what i like :D

I told the owner that it's my birthday so if he can do anything!? I know it's pity to ask him from ME but my friend never thought about things like this.. lol
So, he said he could give me either a free cake/champagne/ or something else.. I was already drinking so I asked him to give me a cake :)
I love sweets! Even thougoh I had it a few hours ago, I could eat one more piece for no problem :D
And the owner told me he asked the band to sing a happy birthday song for me later that night.

This bar is usually crowded with both japanese and foreigners. That night was different because of the band.. Most crowd was their friends so I thought I was at the gig. Really.. I haven't seen those customors at this bar at all. The band had 2 vocalists and the one was girl. Oh boy.. she was pretty bad... I play many instruments so that I know about music and tune..  Sorry girl but you were bad! And she sang Nirvana for some reason.. That was, yeah...  shitty!

After a few songs, they started to play happy birthday song without any words. Only music but was sweet :)  After they played the song, the guy said 'so, who's birthday is it?' Oh boy.. they didn't know who.. I said 'it's me, HERE!!' by raising my hands up. A guy behind me said happy birthday to me. hahaha!! And of course I got my free chocolate cake from the bar ;) Mmm.. it was  yummy!!!!
We ended up staying there for over 4 hours. LOL!!
It was a fun night and a great day to celebrate my birthday with my good friend :)

And got lots and lots of Birthday wishes from my friends on TB. You guys are just so sweet!! Thank you all :)

I finally got to know who was calling me all day today! It was JC! I checked TB and he left me message and said he'd call me but I missed that message so I didn't know he was calling! JC, you should have left me a message on the phone!!!!!!!! But thanks :)
ratu says:
Posted on: Oct 20, 2008
Aquedita says:
Nirvana rocks!! But if the girl was bad, that sucks :P
What instrument did you play? I used to play the piano as a kid but always wanted to learn the violin :)
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
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my chocolate cake!!
my chocolate cake!!
yuka and me! wow,im so tanned lol…
yuka and me! wow,i'm so tanned lo…
a birthday card from my family :) …
a birthday card from my family :)…
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