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Day 1 : sunny - both Nagoya and Bangkok

My first plan this week was going to Hong Kong for a whole week. Things didn't work out with my friend. I was gonna throw my ticket away until Thailand plan pop up. 
Just got back from Thailand a few weeks ago. I missed that country so much that I wanted to go back for my birthday week. I really wanted to go to the beach and relax. It sound kinda pity to go there by myself but what the heck! I can survive without any friends for a few days. Plus I love being alone.
I got a ticket from Hong Kong to Bangkok a week before I leave Japan. I already had my ticket to Hong Kong so I needed to find a cheap flight to Bangkok. Gosh! I looked every airlines but thank god that I found an okay price one and it's Emirates :)

Took a train to the airport in the afternoon on the 7th of September.

These past two weeks (since i got back from thailand), I had to search a lot of things about Thailand  and Koh Samet so that I always stayed up until 2 am so I was so sleepy for the whole two weeks.
I wanted to take a nap on the train. I did and I slept too well that I almost missed getting off. I woke up and looked around, realized that I'm already at the airport. I hurried up and got off. If I were sleeping 5 more minutes, I'd be gone back to the station where I got on.. lol!
Checked in, exchange my money and waited for my flight.
Took off at 4:40pm. Only 3h 30m flight to Hong Kong. Was watching a movie and was laughing pretty bad. Haha!!
Landed in Hong Kong 10 minutes earlier than the original schedule. I went through costoms and got my backpack and moved to Terminal two to check in for Emirates.
a hostel where I stayed
Had a long line already..  Terminal two in HK is very new and clean by the way.
Was hungry a bit so I got some dumplings and noodles for dinner.  Yum!
Flight to Bangkok was at 10:25pm. It was my first time flying with Emirates. Wow!! This airline rocks!!! So rich, cool and comfortable!! The best airline in the world!!! It was only 2 hour flight so I thought there would be no food. No, no. They served FOOD. I was already full but the food was great so I ate them all. Hehe :-)

Got to Bangkok. It's been exact two weeks since I left Bangkok the last time. I was in shock that the money exchange was still open!! DAMN IT!!! I thought it'll be closed cuz I landed at midnight that's why I changed it in Japan.. Well well well.. it's still opened even it was midnight. I should remeber that for the next time ;) Exchange Yen to Baht in Japan sucks!

Got on a taxi and told the driver where to go. He kept talking and told me what kind of Japanese names he knows. I told him that I'm 'Gloria'. He was kinda confused cuz it's not Japanese name. Whatever.. He was nice to me but kinda annoyoing so I didn't give him much tips. He got pissed about it. HAHA!! Sorry, man!

I booked a room in about 10 mins walk from On Nut sky train station. Hard to find that hostel especially at night. Because outside of the hostel said 'school' and don't look like a guesthouse. I'm not going to at any school.. But I entered that place and asked if this place is a guesthouse and they said yes.
It's a nice and clean guesthouse. Very cozy and so cheap too.  They should put a big plate or something so we won't miss it..

I got 4 female dorm room. When I got there was already past 1am and my two other roommates were sleeping. I had to turn the lights on so I can see but that woke them up.. Sorry girls. Looks like one of them are Japanese. That's what I guessed from her face and things around her. The other girl was German. She was a bit pissed when I was looking for which one is to turn off the lights. She got up and did it for me. Thanks. :D
It was aircon room but seemed like it wasn't working. Only fan was working but it was fine cuz it wasn't hot.
Took a shower and went to bed.

So tired from the flight.. Going to Koh Samet next morning.
momiji says:
I didn't laugh out loud.. I tried to laugh quietly but you can't help it when you are watching something funny, right? hehe :P
Posted on: Sep 30, 2008
flammick says:
Yeah, Emirates is the best airline!

So were you laughing out loud on the plane while watching the film? I do that, and then have to look around to see if anyone noticed me!
Posted on: Sep 30, 2008
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a hostel where I stayed
a hostel where I stayed
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