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The hotel had told us we should go to Nordheim am Main to see the Main Shleife , a natural curve in the Main river. So we drove, as much as possible along the water, untill we got to Norheim am Main. Here we drove towards a camping ground where there was a ferry. The weather was nice, actually warm and sunny, so we parked the car and walked to a bench on the water's edge. It was very nice and tranquil even though there was this ferrygoing up and down the river.
After we had sat for a while we decided to go for a walk. At the beginning of the parking there was a sign which showed different routes one could walk. We toke a route which hopefully would take us along the water on the north side of the town. Even though it was pretty nice and walking thru a apple garden, I think it was, didn't give much room to see the Main. We continued our walk, which was almost undisturbed, we only met a few other people walking around in this nice weather.
When we got back at the car we decided to cross the river by ferry and drive towards Asheim. This thruway didn't allow for much stopping along the way, but we did see this nice church which should have a beautifull view. As soon as we could we, in Asheim, we drove onto the St2260 (direction W├╝rzburg, from the road we were on just take a left in Asheim).
I made a mistake because just before we would pass the church I saw an exit and parked the car there. This isn't much of a problem, but just drive past the church and you'll have a nice large parking where you can park the car.
We first went for a walk thru the vineyard which probably belonged to the owners of this small restaurant which was situated right beside the church. There was a bench which allowed you to see the Main Schleife again, from another angle and from higher up, if the previous location was nice and quiet, this was the TOP!
Then we walked back towards the restaurant for a nice lunch, here you had a nice view but because of the location it was quite busy, but the lunch we had was nice, probably the best here was being there with my girlfriend and the atmosphere.
When we had finished our lunch we decided to drive back towards Kitzingen.
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Nordheim am Main