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After getting of the A3/E43 I drove what I thought was towards Kitzingen, I took a few turns and actually I was right, who needs a Garmin anyway? I saw a sign saying Kitzingen so many kilometers and then I turned onto the 8. I drove into Kitzingen knowing I had to be, I checked Google Maps before leaving, somewhere near a bridge, I knew what it kinda had to look like from the pictures on and that it had to be on the Hindenburgring Süd. Well so much information actually should bring you to the hotel, furthermore it should be somewhere near the Falterturm. That information 'told' me that I should keep driving on the 8.

Driving down the street like a real tourist, I was doing 40km/h, and looking to the right a lot, I finally drove passed a Shell station, great object to know, into another road construction. This though wasn't that bad, because traffic was diverted and could flow thru. Staying on the thruway, the 8, I drove on and found the Falterturm, which told me I had to be close. I drove and saw a bridge, and there it was, TIPTOP-Hotel Kitzinger Hof, which didn't quite look like tip top from where I was sitting. Well outside doesn't always matter... it is what is inside that counts! I will come to that later, because you need to get inside first to actually see the inside, and first of all park the car.

The latter proved to be pretty easy and I parked behind the hotel in the Bismarckstraße and without taking anything from the car I walked up to the hotel door and opened it... well tried to open it so I rang the doorbell, after a few minutes no answer and rang it again. That resulted in the same... no answer. I noticed the other side had an entrance too when I drove past the hotel and I walked around to the other side, the back, or the front, actually still have no idea which is which?

There were two doors there, one on top of a stair without a doorbell and one a little further with a doorbell, I rang this and nothing happened. Just the looks of the hotel and the response to guests made me think if I should drive to another hotel I had seen driving into Kitzingen. I rang the bell again, took out my mobile phone to text my girlfriend I was going to look for another hotel and to my surprise the door opened. A big man opened the door and greated me. I went in, we talked about the traffic on the A3 and I checked in into the hotel. Upstairs above the breakfast area were the rooms where you can smoke and the other part was non-smoking. We had a non-smoking room, obviously because we both don't smoke, and these rooms are on the Hindenburgring Süd side of the hotel... on the thruway.

He showed me the room, which was on the groundfloor Hindenburgring Süd street side! In the room he showed me that we even had a television, which was pretty obvious because it was the first thing you saw when you entered the room. After that he showed me the bathroom and left. I looked around the room a bit more, which actually wasn't that loud and had two nice large windows, but smelled a bit strange, a bit stuffy. I opened a window went outside to collect my stuff from the car, after everything was in the room I turned on the tv, played around with my new mobile and entered all the details like date and time. Then I fell asleep, not for too long, since I arrived around 6-ish it had only been half an hour before a text message woke me. My girlfriend was already in Kitzingen! It had taken her only two hours, which meant traffic to Kitzingen was light and her new Yaris was pretty damn fast! So I helped her out finding the hotel, got dressed and waited for her in the street. I parked her car behind mine, nice sight a street with German license plates and then a Dutch and an Austrian right in the middle. I helped unloading her car, and she too had a lot, maybe it had something to do with my birthday a two weeks earlier? In the room she noticed the same smell, but we were hungry and needed something quick because it was very late already. "No it isn't", was my reply and complimented her on her fast arrival. Well I actually made an error of an hour because it was past eight. This evening we went to McDonalds, because both of us being tired and wanting to eat something immediately.

Back, after our happy meals, not Happy Meals, in our hotel, I went to shave and have a shower. That was quite an adventure, because turning the on the faucet with only hot water resulted in a few drop of warm water which makes shaving less fun. After that knowledge I reluctantly got into the shower and turned on the water. This actually worked well and I had a nice shower. I came out of the shower and my girlfriend surprised me with a birthday cake! She is the best!!
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