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well proceed to the airport and that was fast about 10 minutes to get on plane to jordan the flight on jordain air was $236 and when you arrive to you need another visa that was $20 and we just gave them $100 US and got the change to tie us over.  there i had a rental car set up which you have to look for a person holding your name as i wasn't aware and looked for a rental car booth, but none to be found!

we arrived in amman around 3 pm found the rental car that was booked through expedia for around $250 for 3 days, we got a map with the car and headed to the dead sea for a swim at sunset! the road signs where pretty easy to follow so but just in case: take 15 to the 30 west to the 65 south and just follow the signs to amman beach it was only $10 jordan dollars and took about 45 min from the airport.

it was crazy driving to 1348 ft below sea level, the amman beach facility was great it had lockers, showers and towels, plus a large pool that overlooks the lake.  we caught it perfect about an hour and 1/2 before sunset so i got some amazing photos.  YES it is true DO NOT shave the day of or before you enter the water, as i didn't but had a few cuts from a drunkin night in sharm i paid dearly! my friend like an idiot tried to swim as you can't and got water in his eye and had to get out to wash it out as the burning was so intense.  we walked in and about waste deep you start tyo float and the botom disappears, make sure you are on your back! bring a book and sit back and relax floating as you read~  for $3 there are a few guy's that will cover you in the dead sea mud head to toe, and worth it sit in one of there chairs until the sun bakes it in and head back into water to wash off as your skin will be silkly smooth for a few days after and i took a few salt rocks as a suvenior.

from there i drove to Petra which was a pain in the ass! no signs and very little markers, we ran into about 8-10 military check points/peed traps where they were carrying fully automatic weapons.  ask where we were from and passports everytime, as soon as i pulled USA passport they were GREAT! very helpful and friendly so to get to petra from the dea sea a littl eover 3 hours and i was driving fairly fast:  stay on 65 south to 60 east that would be right to Tafla heading left and SE to Petra. you will head over a steep mountian pass with absolutely NO signs make a right on 35 south to Shobak and follow to Petra as you will see signs now. 

we stayed at the first hotel in Petra the Movenpic and for 3 in a room was on for $75.

  the food there was average, and DON'T walk into town drive the raods are steep and a good 2-3 miles away, but we found the BEST PIZZA place i don;t remeber the name but first one we came upon and was on right sid eof road and upstairs, the owner makes everthing from scratch and was amazing we eat there 3 times in 2 days, plus he was open at midnight and still serving, he taught himself english be reading the dictionary.  ok now was time for bed!     

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