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we tried to sleep in but was up around 9 am, proceed to knock off the attractions on our list~ 1 st stop was pyramids at giza, simpley amazing, but suprisingly dirty there was trash everywhere.  we walked around and took a ton of photos, then went to bargin for a camel ride out to get a better view of all 9 pyramids, the bedouins will start @ $40 US each but we got them down to $5 each and FYI that is only for one way! the camels, smell, fart, and the flies are bad but worth the trip, just don;t let the owner ride with you, they smell worse! lol

we we went into the great pyramid and they will not let you  bring a camera in if the see it, so hide it before as i didn't but refused to leave me camera in a box outside, my camera on my trips is mine~ he eventaly let me go in after i gave in $5 in his hand and the walk doen was short and narrow slot that was very hot and humid, the end was a chamber with nothing in it~ really not worth the it, but since your there just do it!

we left giza, to head out to the "step pyramid" or Djoser at Saqqara and then to memphis another site, from there we made it to the knan al-khalli market, which was crazy busy and like the same with rest of egypt prices divide by 4.  mainly junk and trinkets.  from there we made it to the hanging church, then called it a long day!

went to eat at the little budda sushi resturant in the four seasons, food was excellent. 



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photo by: vulindlela