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i looked everywhere on line and found very little about how to go to israel from amman, jordan online so i just went and figured it out.  i had a rental car and should have just drove myself and friends to the border at the king hussein bridge (allenby bridge is the same but from israel side) so we had a cab arranged from amman to the border crossing we wanted every minute we could in israel so we left @ 6:30 am and the taxi ride was only $25, it took about an hour to get to the border crossing which opens at 8 am, but we wanted to beat the lines if there was any, and there was a little, mainly people with alot of luggage, as we only had passports and cameras so very easy through sequrity.  it cost $5 jd for departure tax and $3 jd each way on the JETT bus that is the only way through the boarderwhich leaves @ 8:30 and on there own schedual after that.

  they asked if we wanted our passports stamped or not incase we where going to neighboring countries that will not let you in with an Israel stamp.  i didn't care so i got one~

NO PHOTOS! on Israel side and through check points, i took some on the jordan side but didn't push it going through the boarder, if you blink you will miss the king hussein bridge it's about 30 ft long, lol unfortunatly european kid was taking pictures from the bus and that had 8 israel armed mititary guy's stop the bus! asked who took photos, looked through our cameras to see and found the guy in back of the bus.  they escorted him only at gun point ( fully auto machine guns) to the street, placed him on his knees hands on his head, frisked him and went through his back pack, went through his passport, eventually they went through his camera and DELETED the whole memory card! that was a nice waste of 45 min for the rest of us.

  they walked him through a special door and who knows from there, so DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS AT THE BOARDER!  after we made it to customs, an UK citizen said it would take 2 hours to go through sequirty and i had read that, but since we only had cameras and a military guy asked if we where USA, we got to walk to the front of the line.  it's true all the custom agents are 18-20 year old gorgeous israel girls, and was funny how if they checked us out the guy's would get all bent out of shape and speed us through~ if you don't want the passport stamp they won't but will ask why so just say you want to visit neighbors countries in the future. 

outside there are shared vans and they won't leave until they are full so get on fast it cost $30 sheckels each about $10 US to Jerusalem it took about 40 min to get to the Demascus Gate.

  the City was AMAZING and HIGHLY recomended the history in such a small area was incredable, to touch the stone they laid JESUS's body on after he was on the crusifix, via Dolorosa,  his tomb, christ grotto, church of the holy sepulchre, dome of the rock, citidel, western wall, etc.  the was sequrity and armed officers everywhere as well as metal detectors that where very sensitive. 

 for a short time trip and guided we met an amazing gentleman ibrahim ahmad abu el-hawa (i'm even going to try to say it) that offered us tea, so we joined him then called his son to give us a private tour as we had little time.  his son has a 24/7 car service and picked us up in a mercedes benz that was newer an dvery clean and he spoke excellent english, hamed is HIGHLY recommended zzoozz202@hotmeil.

com email and 0523313985 0r 0509548105 are both his cell phones since you can only use one for israel and one for palistian areas.  he took us everywhere from jerusalem, to mt olives, through west bank to bethleham and back to the boarder has we almost missed the boarding that closes @ 4:30 but you have to be through sequrity by 3 pm it didnlt look good makeing it even with hamed driving at speed of 220- 240 kms thats about 120-135mph, but i felt safe as i have race experience.  he actually called his wife and said he might have house guests tonight offering us a place to stay if we miss it, but with a little talking he got us through as we had a flight the next morning to Dubai that we would have missed.  when when said our good buys he said no charge as he had fun with us, but with gas in Israel at $12 a gallon of gas and all his help i gave him $100 US  as it would of cost us 3 alot more if we missed the boarder crossing.
  i told him buy something nice for his wife and little girl. 

back at the israel boarder they stick you with a $35 US departure tax and another $3 for bus ride over, we caught the employee bus back over as we lucky.  the taxi back to ammon was only $15 and an hour drive back. 

this stop of our trip probably was the most amazing with all the history!




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photo by: daynnightraveller