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today should have been just another day in the lounge.  however early in the afternoon, while sitting on her laptop, janice said to julie and i 'did you hear heath ledger killed himself?'  i think we were both silent for a second before both saying 'what??!?'  we said she must have been confusing him with brad renfro, who had died exactly one week earlier.  but she wasn't.  of course the news had literally just broken, and all kinds of stories were swarming around.  the truth later came out that heath in fact didn't kill himself, but had died of an accidental overdose. 

but when we heard the news, it swept through the room in literally seconds.  and it swept through park city in minutes.

  literally.  i stepped out of the building to tell someone in our group about it, and while standing there a cell phone began to ring in the distance.  and then another.  and then another.  and then all of a sudden cell phones were ringing in every which direction, and people were on them talking, and then there was silence.  and then the streets were empty.  everybody disappeared into a room, or a building somewhere as they heard the news.

inside our own room people began to swap stories as well.  there was one guy who had just spent time with heath two nights before.  we all huddled around the tv's we had playing in the lounge at the time, switched around till we found some sort of news on the E! network, and watched the banner that scrolled along the bottom of the screen announcing his death over and over again.

to be here when this happened was a... wierd experience.  i guess weird is the only word i can come up with...  the news was devastating in general to me because i had always found heath ledger to be an excellent actor.  i enjoyed him in all the films i had seen him in.  and with the dark knight coming out, people who didn't know of him before were definitely going to know of him and his talent soon.  but the blow was so much tougher being in this environment of people who had known him personally, worked with him, respected him, loved him...   you could feel the...sorrow and loss and...just sadness in the community.

this was our last scheduled day at the festival.  we packed up the lounge that night, and then headed home to attempt to do our own packing.

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early that morning.
early that morning.
Park City
photo by: daveruz90