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Deja Vu Adult Emporium....and look - they are accepting applications! :D Friday is finally here. Melanie and I have a million things to do before the meet up and originally she was going to be hanging out with Julie and I was to pick Brett up from the airport, swing by his hotel so he could change really fast and run to the Blue Martini to help save our tables for that night....not to mention squeeze a work day in there somehow.  Julie ended up staying at Sal's Thursday since they were supposed to go hiking early in the morning and that allowed Mel and I to get errands done and she decided to accompany me to pick up Brett at the airport. 

Now, let me tell on Brett a little here.......Brett explained he had certain expectations he had become accustomed to in his travels - he requested 2 bottles of Evian water and the Financial Times to be waiting for him on the backseat when I picked him up.

Deja Vu
  That of course led to proper attire from a chauffeur.....ahem.  Yeah, no!  I told him he could take this little thing called a TAXI! LOL. 

I told Mel and Adrian (Acowboy) about it and said I would bring him the water and Wall Street Journal but didn't have time to find a chauffeur's hat probably.  Adrian was even kind enough to PM me before I was leaving to the airport to not forget his water and financial newspaper!  I promised I wouldn't and ran out the door with Melanie without so much as breakfast or lunch in search of the gifts for the meet up and the infamous furthest traveled TB award pink shirt.  OMG, Brett was going to arrive in less than 2 hours...would we finish everything!?!?

First stop: Deja Vu Adult Superstore.

Melanie and I - true TB Ambassadors
  Oh yeah baby! We wanted true Vegas gifts....where else would you go?  We needed birthday sashes for Louise and Melissa as well as a shirt or something for Adrian.  WOW...this was quite an experience. I've been into adult stores before but this was a tad bit different...or perhaps I should say some of the people were!  They were out of the sashes so Melanie and I were trying to improvise and while talking to the lady behind the counter, I was being undressed by the creepy guy's eyes in line.  This guy was classic textbook serial killer type - scary!  I realized he was there to partake in the theater experience of the store as she directed him back and reminded him that booth 3 is still broken.  As he passed me, he never looked away and I felt a cold chill up my spine.
Welcome to Las Vegas Brett!!!!
  As I was still taking that all in, we were headed out when an even creepier guy (didn't think it was possible ) but this new guy proceeded to look me up and down and then get close to me and grunt as I walked by.  Nice.....really, nice.  Only in Las Vegas!

Should've realized that experience was a sign of things to was bound to be an interesting night.  We remembered a typical cheesy cheap gift shop on Las Vegas on the way to the airport so off we went in search of the pink meet up shirt.  It's attached to a small hourly motel and almost a convenience store actually.  But in any case, SCORE! It said Welcome to Las Vegas and was a pretty bright pink - PERFECT.

The Three Muskateers!
  I had to get a drink and munchies because I hadn't eaten all day and I was getting nervous. Believe it or not....not sure why but I was.  Perhaps because I was to be in the presence of the Great Newly Elected Moderator of TB Addicts - geez, Brett's a popular guy with quite a do I live up to such high expectations?!

Anyways, we were about done in the store - found the Evian!!!! They were big bottles so I decided to get one much could he really drink on the 15 minute drive to the hotel?!?!  We went to check outand the guy behind the counter was a little interesting to say the least.  He tried to engage in quite a bit of small talk with us but it was eerie.  Mel reminded me about the paper but I didn't think this place would have it.

Brett finding his Evian waiting in the backseat for him
...sad to say but yeah.  When we asked him if they had the Wall Street Journal, he said "WHAT?"  When he finally figured out what it was, he said "Nah, we don't have anything like that here."  Shocking I know!

While we were standing there waiting for him to finish ringing both of us up, a younger female comes in to turn her key back in and get change.  He asked her if she was sure that was all the time she needed....yikes!  She definitely appeared to be a hooker but we are in Vegas, so it shouldn't be surprising! Then we are walking out and a guy comes up right behind us as we are getting in Melanie's car and asks if I know where to score some drugs! LOL.  Uuuuuuh, nooooooooooo!  We are then in the car and starting to pull out and he comes back, right up to the window and asks if he can borrow one of our cell phones.

Awwwwwwwww.....we are ready to party! :D
...WTF?!?!?!  I told him we were late to pick someone up from the airport so we took off! 

We arrived at the airport and were literally parking when Brett texted that he already landed and was going to taxi for a bit.  CRAP! We weren't going to have time to get the Wall Street Journal but I figured he would laugh at the water anyways and he had no idea Melanie and I would both be there, holding even better TravBuddy signs (sorry Julie!)  Now I must say that people probably wondered about us, dressed up and carrying signs in Vegas that said TravBuddy....LOL.  We waited awhile and I just had a feeling he would be upstairs watching us or sneak up from behind us at some point...I know he's a prankster.  Seems like 20 minutes pass and I had been spinning around quite a bit watching for him but then it happens.

Brett's casket photo! LOL
...he walks up literally right behind us and startles me! LOL. 

Of course we have to get pics with him and the TravBuddy signs and we are off.....had to run to his hotel so he could change, pick up Dana, and we would be off to Blue Martini to get this pre meet started!!! :D Except....Brett was ready to nap rather than get up and party...c'mon Brett - you are in Vegas now.....LOL!  We get on our way and drop Mel's computer off at the MAC store (wherein Brett apparently logs on TB from one of the IPhones..not surprising!!!) and we are off......Blue Martini Time! :D

bundysmom says:

Never saw this until now. And I was here yesterday! :)
Posted on: Nov 17, 2009
metsbwd says:
I still don't know why I got into the car. Only one botle of water, no hat, no newspaper. Sheesh, such service :-(
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
williamsworld says:
I don't know how you do it. You are such the happy travel buddy. Love your stuff. So are you back in Vegas? Take care and hope to hear from you.
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
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Deja Vu Adult Emporium....and look…
Deja Vu Adult Emporium....and loo…
Deja Vu
Deja Vu
Melanie and I - true TB Ambassadors
Melanie and I - true TB Ambassadors
Welcome to Las Vegas Brett!!!!
Welcome to Las Vegas Brett!!!!
The Three Muskateers!
The Three Muskateers!
Brett finding his Evian waiting in…
Brett finding his Evian waiting i…
Awwwwwwwww.....we are ready to par…
Awwwwwwwww.....we are ready to pa…
Bretts casket photo! LOL
Brett's casket photo! LOL