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Dana and Melanie

OMG...today is the day we get to meet Dana!!!! I've been looking so forward to meeting her and it seemed forever for this day to arrive!!!  And as things are true to form with me, nothing ever goes smoothly!! Recovering from a really awful work day yesterday, I ended up having to work a lot longer than anticipated and couldn't pick her up right at 4pm like we had hoped.  Poor Dana was completely understanding and played around in the casino for a bit waiting for Melanie and I to arrive.  Mel came up with the great idea that we'd just snatch her off the side of the road and head to the mall as it was crunch time....shopping! :D  I had wanted to check out the House of Shoes in hopes of them having the flamed stilettos they were out of the last time!!! 

We finally got to Dana and the lovely bus bench Mel had her hanging out at and we were off and running - Dana was awesome.

Dana, Melanie, Sal, and I
  Chatting in the car was like chatting with a longtime friend we hadn't seen - so easy and you'd never know we'd met 5 minutes ago!! LOL.  But poor Dana, was she in for a Melanie and Erin shopping treat.  She was pretty pooped by the time we were done running around the mall and she got to witness Vegas at its best.......where else can you go to the shoe store and have a stripper weigh in on your shoe choices for the meet up.  Interestingly enough.....she picked out some awesome shoes for Melanie...they just didn't fit right!  Bummer.  And noooooooooo, no flamed ones for me.  *Pout Pout*

We were then off to go meet up with Sal (sincitytraveler) for dinner at Kilroy's.  Finally, I was going to try this Kilroy's that everyone keeps talking about - supposed to be the best burger around.

Sal and I - the Happy TB couple!! LOL
  We get there and true to form, Sal is operating on Sal time.  The definition of Sal time is pretty easy - add about 20 minutes to his arrival time.  He sent me a text message he was 5 minutes away, and 20 minutes later, he appeared! LOL. 

The girls were good and we ate our burgers protein style - trying to watch those carbs!! LOL.  Sal decided to be different and order fish and chips which looked good as well.  It was a fun, low key night - great to hang out and get to know Dana a little better and we didn't seem to scare her off........at least not yet so that is good!!! :D


mellemel8 says:
hmmm kilroys :)
Posted on: Sep 17, 2008
jerseygirl67 says:
You are too damned cute Erin! Had a blast! Thanks for everything!!!!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
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Dana and Melanie
Dana and Melanie
Dana, Melanie, Sal, and I
Dana, Melanie, Sal, and I
Sal and I - the Happy TB couple!! …
Sal and I - the Happy TB couple!!…
Melanies protein burger at Kilroy…
Melanie's protein burger at Kilro…
Look at her go! LOL
Look at her go! LOL
Buffalo wings
Buffalo wings
Sals fish and chips
Sal's fish and chips
My Bacon Avocado protein style che…
My Bacon Avocado protein style ch…
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