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Oslo castle
It was always my interest the country of as i was leaving almosty the opposite site of Europe (Norway-Northwest,Greece EastSouth)have can be this large country with the mountains( i love mountains) and Fjords.I have read some a book that was some kind of  <Saga>couple of years before and made me to get more interesting for the Scandinvia and mostly for Norway cos seem to be the <more> scandinavian one(at least for me).So i decided to visit it (even for few days) after my frist ever TB meeting in Netherland-Leiden.While i was one plain,i was thinking about what i can expect  to see in Norway,as the general view of the people in my are is that is a nice mountain country with cold weather and cold people!.But definetely this is wrong!Cos its lovely country(not only nice) with really warm lovely people.Maybe having this me,this view for Norway and Norwegians helped that i met the lovely TB's Gudny and bf in Oslo and the Marit in Trondheim.(thanks u again lot).So about my travel,even started bit strange,cos at the airport they get me on the customs and kind of search my bug(i can understand that bit ,cos not everyday a guy with Turkish name and Greek nationality travels to Norway fist from Istanbul to Amsterdam and then to Oslo,hehe:-) when i get free from there the second strange for me was the first view outside of the Oslo central station with the drug users all around..So i was started to think strange but,getting to my hotel(Thon Hotel Munch-nice and not so expensive one)resting bit,starting to discover the main parts of Oslo my opinion about the city started to change.It was really beauty town with all the nice buildings (except of the town hall,as an architect i didnt like that building that seems bit like a symbol of the town)and parks and the marina Aker Brygge.Later on i meet Gudny and bf and they show me the rest parts with main the old castle ,gave me lot informations and helped me to get a ticket to go to Trondheim the next day.Was really nice to meet them,they are so nice and lovely people...So the next day i took the train  for Trondheim to discover more the country.The train travel to North is really lovely.It pass from such an interesting and beautiful areas with mountains,lakes ,even can see some snow up on the mountains.In Trondheim Marit (she is lovely person) pick me up from the train station ,found me place to spend the night,and show me almostly all around the area,gave me lot informations and had a great dinner in the Tv tower witch can see all around the town.Trondheim is just what i wanted to see in Norway i must say!People must be lucky leaving in this town.I lovded this town!Its so nice with all the sea infron and the mountains surround and the Scandinavian type not lot floor houses.It was really good choose to get travel there!!And in the nightime me and Marit we met also another TB friend from Nepal ,sit in a coffe and we had this nice conversation about almostly everyhthing!!Next day i took the train back for the Oslo airport to reutn back to Amsterdam...I left Norway with the wish that i can have the opportunity to visit it again asap and can discover more of its beauty that is undescrieble with the words...

takk Norge...
dieforu says:
thats for sure it is the best i have seen till now!!Lucky people have been there,in my next life hope to be born there,heheh:-D
Posted on: Aug 13, 2009
tenderchicken22 says:
I may be biased, since I'm Norwegian, but I think Norway is the best country on earth! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit there : )
Posted on: Aug 10, 2009
Quest says:
I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Too bad I wasn't able to come in to Oslo and meet you. Next time though... :o)
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
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Oslo castle
Oslo castle
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