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The sun goes down on Tupiza. Taken from a hill to the town's west.
Hello All,
Well I hung around in Tupiza for an extra day with the possibility of that cheaper 4-day tour dangling in front of me, but no such luck.  I woke up this morning for one last try, gave up, and got a bus ticket to the home of the Salar de Uyuni tour, Uyuni.

I got a window seat on the bus and prepared for the worst, having heard that the road was awful.  The bus itself was the oldest hunk of junk so far, but it seemed to have taken this route many times.  As we were nearing the halfway point of the trip after about 3 hours the ticket checker came around to check all the tix.  When he got to mine it seemed that something was up.
Looks like rain. The bus stopped between Tupiza and Atocha so I got a good pic. We later drove on that river bed.

He took my ticket and showed it to the driver, and as it turns out I boarded the wrong 10am bus to Uyuni (the were a few I guess).  I explained as well as I could that I showed my ticket to the woman at the door and she let me in, but he didn't really understand.  But, with the help of another friendly traveller as translator the point got across.  The driver wanted full (re-)payment of the fare for his company, but we compromised on half (about an extra $4) and continued on.  Nothing like playing the 'stupid gringo' part.  :(

There was once again great landscape on the bus ride here.  It really never ends in the Andes.  We actually had a bit of rain, which kept things cool.  And we drove about a third of the distance on a dry river bed.  It makes you understand how tough travel can be around here when it rains alot.
The wrong bus that I took to Atocha. Whoops.

We arrived in Uyuni at about 5:30pm, and I found a room with private bathroom for $5.  It may have been the last single with private bath in town from all the checking I did.  I also started checking prices in town for the 3-day tours, and they all sound great.  Prices here vary from $62-$75, and there are over 50 options, so I hope to book one tonight to leave early tomorrow.  Strange that all prices here seen a bit more expensive, except for the salt flat tours, which are much cheaper.

During dinner tonight the local tv station had lots of footage of the torrential rains and flooding in the north east of Bolivia.  And there was also coverage of a very violent miner's protest in LaPaz, the capital.  I'm not sure how much of this makes it to the news in the U.S., but it's all over the place here.  I hope LaPaz is calmed down in a week or so for my visit.

This time I really may be incummunicado for 3 days.
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The sun goes down on Tupiza.  Take…
The sun goes down on Tupiza. Tak…
Looks like rain.  The bus stopped …
Looks like rain. The bus stopped…
The wrong bus that I took to Atoch…
The wrong bus that I took to Atoc…
photo by: razorriome