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It was frustrating that I could not get a good shot of this political ad. This happy Inca fella was on every wall from Juliaca to Cuzco.

Hello All,

Well, I traveled 13.5 hours today to get from Copacabana, Bolivia to Cuzco, Peru.  The bus from Copacabana left at 9am, and I really didn't get alot of sleep for some reason.  I was worried about having my earplugs in and not hearing my alarm I think.  So, I snagged a quick breakfast, converted my money and made it to the bus with time to spare.

The border was as about as simple as they come.  Both exiting Bolivia and entering Peru were delightfully easy for a change.  Actually of the four countries I've visited on this trip the only one that was easy both entering and exiting was Bolivia.

A bit ironic, being as reportedly starting March 1st Bolivia will be requiring $100 advance visas for American tourists.  I did run into quite a few Americans in Bolivia, and I hope that decision doesn't too negatively effect the numbers.

And just when I thought I was getting good at pictures from the bus. Very close this time.
  Bolivia is beautiful and inexpensive.

Driving along the shore of Lake Titicaca was very pretty, but I did get the wrong side of the bus for optimum viewing.  Titicaca is either the biggest or 2nd biggest lake in South America, and beautiful though it is, it didn't really seem all that big to me.  Growing up along Lake Michigan must have blown out my perspective.

The bus trip today involved a 90 minute layover in Puno, Peru.  Puno is a city I considered stopping at for a day or two, but I don't think I had another stop and go in me for this trip.  It looked nice enough, and it does have a big attraction to offer.

Puno is surrounded by 42 man-made floating islands.  They were created by the Uros people to escape Inca domination back in the 12th and 13th century, and to this day the Uros still depend on the lake for their survival.

The bus climbed quite a bit leaving Puno, and then we seemed to slowly decrease in elevation through a beuatiful river valley before reaching Cuzco at about 11,500 feet.  It was a long day, and I look forward to a few days here before get to Machu Picchu just up the tracks.

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It was frustrating that I could no…
It was frustrating that I could n…
And just when I thought I was gett…
And just when I thought I was get…
Inca Kola gives Coke and Pepsi a r…
Inca Kola gives Coke and Pepsi a …
photo by: Vlindeke