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This is how our bus got across the Strait Of Tiquina. Picture taken from a launch the passengers were all on.

Hello All,

Well, it looks like I made the right decision on the bus.  The $90 Boliviano bus, and the $60 Boliviano bus, were actually the same bus.  The only difference I could see is that as a 'bus normal' rider I had to check my bag at the desk, as opposed to just giving my bag to the porter.

I had a window seat, which was good, because they certainly had found the heat controls on this bus.  I woke up from a nap dripping in sweat, and was able to crack the window just enough to get things back to normal.  Only one stop for food and bathroom break at about 12:30am, and we pulled into the La Paz bus terminal at about 6:45am.

So, I just hung around town for 8 hours or so until the 2:45pm bus to Copacabana, Bolivia on Lake Titicaca.

Some of the scenery from the Titicaca south shore.
  The bus was nice, but they all begin to look the same after a while.  I met a guy from Quebec on the bus named Francious and we ended up at the same hostal as well ($30 Bolivianos/$3.75 for a single w/bath).

So after each freshening up from the road we headed into town to get some food.  Francious was set on getting some of Copacabana's famous lake trout from Lake Titicaca, and I wasn't going to argue.  We found a nice place that had about 10 different varieties and grabbed some drinks and ordered.

The meal was fabulous, and Francious even ordered a second, differently prepared plate of trout.  He had to concentrate on the fish and ignore most of the sides, but he finished the entire thing.  I was full after the first, but it was delicious.

After the restaurant, we got it into our heads to find a couple of bottles of Bolivian wine.

The view coming down into Copacabana.
  Now we weren't actually positive there was Bolivian wine, mind you.  I had seen the grape brandy Casa Real all over the place, but wine it was not.

But, lo and behold, we found about four different brands and 10 different varieties of wine from Bolivia.  Francious bought a bottle of white, and I bought a white and a red.  Francious offered to split his bottle, but I declined and felt bad about it.  I was way to tired and needed to sleep.

After some internet updtaing at the slowest internet access yet (hence no pics until Cuzco), I hit the rack planning on going to Isla Del Sol in Lake Titicaca tomorrow.

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This is how our bus got across the…
This is how our bus got across th…
Some of the scenery from the Titic…
Some of the scenery from the Titi…
The view coming down into Copacaba…
The view coming down into Copacab…
photo by: aliciaaa