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Pacific Ocean way down there. From the end of Avenida Larco, Miraflores, Lima, Peru.
Hello everybody,
Well, I am on the road again. I decided to take this trip because I had some time off before my next job starts in March, and I had some frequent flyer miles burning a hole in my pocket. Walla!! You've got a three week trip to South America.

But in the interest on financial responsibility I am going to try to keep the cost as low as possible. That means roughing it in cheap hotels and hostels. Now, I have been to about 40 countries but I've always maintained a certain level of comfort. :)

My flight left Madison at 10:30am yesterday, and the first two connections went perfectly. The last leg was the flight from Atlanta to Lima, and it was scheduled for 6 hours in the air. We had just passed over Cuba (not alot of lights) when the announcement came over the PA.
Volkswagon Beetle and old Plymouth Valiant outside Eurobackpackers Hostal on Manco Capac. The Valiant reminded me of my old 1971 Dart.
.. "If there is a doctor on the plane please report to first class." Never a good sign. It turned out that one of the flight attendants had become ill, and they told us that they had actually considered turning back to Miami for the medical emergency. Well, thankfully she was fine, and we didn't have to.

I got through customs at about 12:20am, and headed out to the taxi stand. At this point you have to prepare for battle because the bargaining begins. Having done my research I knew the Taxi should not cost more then $15 to my hostel in Miraflores. Well, everybody was quoting $29 off of an official looking, laminated sheet of paper, so it took about 15 minutes of bargaining and walking away to get it down to $15. Then the taxi driver got lost for a while before finding the place.

After arriving at the Eurobackpackers Hostal the room looked good, but no A/C and shared bathrooms (as expected). With zero air circulation through this windows, and no fan, the no A/C was the toughest one.  I may have gotten 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Hard to believe I've got below freezing temps coming in the next few days. I'm actually looking forward to it.

This morning I walked the kilometer to the oceanfront. I wanted to check out the beach, but really didn't feel up to climbing up and down he 500 feet from the cliff I was on. It looked nice anyway, and was much cooler there. :) This afternoon I'm going into downtown Lima to see the sights. Then at 5:45pm I take a bus to Tacna in the south of Peru, then on to Chile. 18 hours on a bus will certainly break a record for me. And First Class was not available! Oh well, saved a few bucks and they said it was still pretty nice.

I may check in tomorrow from Arica, Chile.
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Pacific Ocean way down there.  Fro…
Pacific Ocean way down there. Fr…
Volkswagon Beetle and old Plymouth…
Volkswagon Beetle and old Plymout…
photo by: rsvpme