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Well folks, what a week! I cant remember how far i have updated you but i know its been a big waffle for you all to read (Rachel told me, its fine) Its pretty difficult to update this thing and reply to all emails, but i think im doing well!! So sorry for the babble but you will all just have to deal with it haha!

We went to Khao Sok, which was pretty much a jungle! We went to the national park, but wasnt that great. Stupidly i decided to trek the jungle with flip flops but luckily didnt get any leaches! The rest of the group had leaches all over them! My blood must not be tasty enough. Gill (the ozzy lady) decided she would wash her feet in the puddle and found it it was sand which sucked her foot in....we all had to pull her out the sand, it was sooo funny! I was hoping to see some animals (not leaches) but there wasnt anything that i saw!!  A nice little waterfall though, but i wouldnt go again! Its the misquitoes that love me....i have bites all over my legs, they are awful, not a pretty sight! Anyone have any tips for misquito bites?

So, last few days in thailand were the best! Went for a bit of a spa day, got my nails and stuff done! (its sooo hard being a traveller) hehe! We arrived in Krabi...WOW!!! the most amazing beaches EVER!! We arrived at our guesthouse and literally we had a beach to ourselves! It was so beautiful! A swing on the beach and hammocks to lie in and read my book (yes im reading a book, amazingly enough) was needed! We did a bit of kayaking (it rained that day, but it was funny) then the next day we decided to go to Top island, we hired a boat ourself and went across to the islands, which i was quite proud of haha......where i turned a little red! Maybe about the colour of a lobster, no joke! I was so burnt it wasn't funny! Im ok now though so you all dont have to panic! Look up top island in Krabi on google and you will understand how beautiful it is! We did a bit of snorkelling, haha but i decided to have a panic attack in the middle of the ocean and marc is screaming at me......"tina you have to cant touch the coral!!!" and me screaming in the middle of the ocean "I cant breath MARC!!!!" Him being a doctor i thought he might have been able to help me haha! But no!! Saj and I went back to the shallow water and snorkelled there to get the hang of it!

We then bused it 8 hours to penang, malaysia, it didnt even feel like 8 hours i slept most of the way! We got to our guesthouse and its not the best but its a bed at least and i dont really care, others have made a few comments but its really ok! Last night we found a club, it was great, i eventually got to dance!! We then found a bar we we all sang songs with locals with the guitar and tambourines, it was great! It was like something you see in films or something! Everyone just singing round the table singing their loudest!

Went to little india for tea last night, had a bit of a sore tummy this morning though so dont think i will be eating their curry again haha!

Today we are going on a walking tour.....Hopefully burn some calories! All i have done is eat! Not Good!! Then tonight i think we will go out and dance some more!

I really am having a blast, dont want to come home just yet, but i am really missing everyone!

My group are keeping me going, they are really great, ive landed really lucky to have such a great group! Seemingly i am the "cutest" in the group and they have caught on to calling me jellytot thanks to lynnes necklace! I happened to mention my mum used to call me tina teaspoon and they call me that too! I love them! Its hard to put it on paper, how much of a good time im having. Im just worried about being on my own in new zealand! EEK!! I think half my group are worried about me being on my own too! They look after me!

Up to yesterday i hadnt carried my backpack on my shoulders! pretty good for over two weeks and only carrying my bag once! Everyone is soo helpful!

Well better go and pay my bill! Its so much more expensive here than thailand, we got a bottle of wine last night in the club and it was 100 ringett which is about 16 pound! Wont be drinking the wine again!

Speak soon, keep in touch! Missing you all! xxxxx 




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