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Wellington Dam from the viewing platform near the top

As I've mentioned, I swing over to Bunbury reasonably often, so I've had a good look around the place.
  I guess things are happening in the city, there are tons of people moving to Western Australia, not only from the rest of the country but also from around the world.

Anyway, after arriving back in town we still found we have a couple of days to kill before heading to Bali.  Margaret suggested we have a bit of a drive around Bunbury's growing suburbia.

NZ is getting a lot of these Australian styled "Gated Communities" these days.  I can't say I like them overmuch as all the houses look the same; same coloured brick; same coloured tile roofs; same blandly painted wall around the whole same lot!
  To me New Zealand is more the "quarter Acre Section" when it comes to housing.

Release valve at the bottom
  Yeah, I know that was more of a pre 70s thing and a bit romantic these days.  No-one wants to mow that much lawn any more.  Hell, I even subdivided my place in Hamilton and put two houses where there used to be one, so who am I to question whether houses in these Gated Communities are stacked too close together?

Well, I don't think I'll be lining up to grab one but we drove out and had a look around anyway.  The suburb that we went to must have had 200-300 houses being built.  One of Margaret's friends was waiting for one, so we checked that out. 
  Margaret told us how they build about 10 at a time, doing a little work on one house one day -the next day moving next door.  They don't have enough builders to get the job done and that's one of the reasons everyone is flooding into the place.  Creates a bit of a Catch 22.

We then drove up to Wellington Dam.  This was a lovly spot out to the East of Bunbury. 
  Up here in the ranges, the dam is surrounded by National Park and a forest of magnificent Jarrah trees.  The lake behind the dam feeds the city with water as well as giving everyone a lovely spot to visit for the day.

Actually you can enjoy a few activities up here.  There is a cafe at the end of the road where we had a coffee before wandering around the top, and then down to the viewing platform, where you can see the release valve at the bottom of the dam.  We drove down there after we'd done what we wanted to at the top.

Margaret had got into some serious discussion with the lady in the cafe about the dam overflowing.  It's one of those rare events that locals like to be able to say they witnessed.  Apparently the lake had filled to overflowing just a few months earlier and that hadn't been seen for years.  TV crews and helicopters.. all the drama turns out for this type of thing!

At the bottom I tried to capture the grandure of the dam, together with the very impressive "gush" of water squirting out of the valve.  Unfortunately the time of day, the size, and the stark contrast between the face of the dam and the white water were just too much for my little snapshot camera and all the attempts were pretty disappointing.

We drove from there along a forest road, following the stream away from the dam.  It wound its way along the bank and we encountered lots of lovely areas for fishing, camping, barbequing, or, as we did, having a general wander around to look at the trees and the river. 
  It was all good, and then we turned the car around and did the trip out and back to the city.

All in all it was another nice day in WA!

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Wellington Dam from the viewing pl…
Wellington Dam from the viewing p…
Release valve at the bottom
Release valve at the bottom
photo by: gimpel