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Indonesia's Leader Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Except for Australia, all my traveling has been far afield and I wasn't too excited about sticking close to the Pacific Region when Ma suggested we take in Bali.  The clincher for me was the fact I'm tall and skinny, so I can't buy off the rack.
  I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to get a new wardrobe sewn up.  Throw in a few pairs off my favourite shoes, Winkle-pickers, and I'd be laughing!

My family has been over to Bali many times.  Margaret has been so often that she just about has her own motel room.  She certainly has her own driver.
  Made met us at the airport and took us back to where we were going to hang out for the next 10 days.  It was a resot across the road from Kuta Beach so we were right there in amongst it all.

I'm the one that's NOT dancing before the massive bird
  Having said that, there actually wasn't too much going on in Kuta these days.  The recent bombing had damaged the rep of Bali and the tourists were staying away in their droves.  We found everyone to be pretty desperate to please and happy to get our tourist dollars.  That suited me, I was there to shop!

As well as my Mother and her sister, I was traveling with two of Margaret's friends, Ruth and Reg.  They weren't too used to this bartering business and by the end of the 10 days I was pleased that I would no longer hear about how tough it was.
  They had their own room and Ma, Marg and I shared one, as we often did when we travelled together.

The ten days were pretty action packed considering I wasn't really there to do anything but put the taylors to work.
Tribute painting to victims of the Boxing day Tsunami
  As Ma and Margaret had done many of the sites before they weren't up to going around again.
  Made was happy to drive Ruth, Reg and I to all the spots though and we did plenty of them.

One of the first we did was the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.  This appeared to me to be still under construction yet the large bronze scultures looked ancient.  Ancient they were not.  Made was helpful enough to tell us many of them had been made within the last decade or two, under the current ruler of the country anyway, and of course the largest of them all was of him.

One of the most interesting things I found at the park was the tribute to the victims of the Tsunami.  This country had suffered a pretty devastating couple of years what with the natural and the man-made disasters they had had to survive.
I might be smiling but I doubt this little fella's too happy about the fuss

We also visited Turtle Island.  Made had taken us out for a snorkel first and we got ourselves organised for that on the beach before the boat took us out to the area of coral. 
  I had only been snorkelling once before and that was at Coral Bay in WA.  I'm sorry to say after 5 minutes of dirty water and a seabed of dead coral I'd had enough of snorkelling in Bali.
  Turtle island was a different story though.  I found it both interesting and a good project as far as the preservation of the turtles was concerned.  I'm not a fan of having animals, snakes, or birds rested on me as a prop for a photograph but I felt a little "oblidged" so picked one up for the camera.  I suppose the critters are used to it but I'd rather let them get on with their lives without disturbing them overmuch.
Temple Pura "Tanah Lot"

We also took in the Bali Zoo Park.  Reg loved the idea of the big colourful birds sitting on him so i told him I'd be happy to be his photographer for those "must have" shots.
  The Zoo park was very nicely laid out.  It had plenty of tropical plant life to enjoy and enough animals to keep us entertained as we wandered about in the area.  It was quite a sizable place and we spent a good couple of hours taking it all in.

The other popular touristy thing we did was head to Taman Wisata "Tanah Lot".  This little island monastery is one of the best known in Bali.  We enjoyed it's natural perch on the side of the island and I was able to take a couple of shots without too many of the throngs of visitors in the background.

One day we visited the mountains and had lunch in a clifftop restaurant.
Margaret wanted the Monk in the background of a photograph
  The rain had closed in and the shades of green up through the mountaintops took my breath away.  Sadly there just wasn't the light to capture it with my snapshot camera and my attempts were dismall and blurry failures.

As for the shopping?  It was all a grand success.  I left Bali with 4 pairs of shoes.  Two suits, 4  trousers, 6 shirts, 2 watches, and  enough t-shirts to please all the kids next door that were kind enough to mow my lawn whilst I was enjoying my 5 weeks away.

goezi says:
C'mon Tim.. you not telling me you don't have a pair of these pointy shoes from the fifties!
Posted on: Sep 19, 2008
TYoungTX says:
Winkle pickers? Do tell . . .
Posted on: Sep 19, 2008
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Tribute painting to victims of th…
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I might be smiling but I doubt th…
Temple Pura Tanah Lot
Temple Pura "Tanah Lot"
Margaret wanted the Monk in the ba…
Margaret wanted the Monk in the b…
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