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Up from the entrance

I'm not actually a religious man but I've thought for a long time now that should I have to choose one to associate myself with then the religion that seems most to align itself with my beliefs is Buddhism. 

I like the idea that we must do the best we can in this life in order to make progress.  I also agree that life is a struggle.  In my job I see it daily, and I've suffered a few struggles in my time too!
  If there is one part of Buddhist philosophy that I need to work on it's the appreciation of all creatures great and small. 
There is always at least 3 cans of flyspray in my house.  If it has more than 4 legs then it should hope I don't spot it!  I guess I need to meditate on that, have a bit of a word with myself!

Anyway, Lisa lived in Woolongong when the family first came to Australia and she was pretty keen to take me down there to show me the little seaside town.

Temple roofline

We drove the couple of hours from Sydney, sharing the task.  We were only doing a day trip and it was the weekend so there were a few vehicles on the road.

We headed straight to the Buddhist Temple just out of town and spent a couple of hours wandering around there.

I enjoyed our visit.  There was plenty to see; the architecture, the displays showing construction of the place, the school and Temple rooms.  I must admit I was expecting to see more monks around the place but they were either busy doing their thing in a room we weren't permitted to visit or they'd cut a track for the weekend. 
  I've never had the opportunity to ask a monk if they surfed but this IS Australia, it could be they were out hanging 10.
All these little fellas liked their own space to think

We then enjoyed a wander around the grounds. 

It was a bright sunny day and it seemed to me that much of the flora had been newly panted. 
  It may have been the time of year or the lack of regular water since the whole coast seems to be in perpetual drought, but the trees were sparsely scattered about the landscape and there was minimal undergrowth or shrubbery. 

The grounds had many small statues dotted about and as I love statues of any kind of course I had my fancy tickled by these little fellas.

Sadly we were about a week or two early for the lillies in the pond to burst forth with their floral display, but there were already signs of buds rising from the mirror-like water and plenty of vain dragonflies checking their reflections.

We had brunch in the cafe and then headed out to the new subdivision.  More proof that Australia is exploding.  Acres and acres of preparation for housing.

Back through the older part of Woolongong and North to Sydney.  Not a bad day trip I reckon!

goezi says:
That's okay, I'm happy to have the belief as the closest thing to my religion as I may need.
Posted on: Sep 20, 2008
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Up from the entrance
Up from the entrance
Temple roofline
Temple roofline
All these little fellas liked thei…
All these little fellas liked the…
Even the birdhouses are funky crea…
Even the birdhouses are funky cre…
Balcony scene
Balcony scene
Grinners are winners!
Grinners are winners!
Wandering through the gardens
Wandering through the gardens
Front of Buddhist Center
Front of Buddhist Center
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