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Waiting for my connecting flight to Kaua'i

§       Airline tickets bought and issued through US Airways

§       Got dropped off at the US Airways area……but guess what??? The flight is operated under United, which is located on the other side of the airport! read, Read, READ!!!!

§       $15 to check in one bag for United…..why?

§       Power outage in SFO for a good hour or two! AAAAAHHHHH!! Wasn’t a particularly good omen……..especially for someone with fear for flying

§       Boarded plane….

Kaua'i Marriott
wow, this plane is huge – B777 class. Don’t remember the planes being this huge for a flight to Hawai’i

§       Settled into my aisle seat in the plane…departure scheduled for 12:43p Pacific time, didn’t leave until 1:15p because of air traffic control issues as announced to passengers by the pilot due to the power outage……….double AAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Flying by myself, AGAIN

§       Flight was smooth regardless of my anxiety

§       Arrived in Honolulu….looked for my connecting flight for Kaua’ was listed under Hawaiian Air….. took the Wiki Wiki tram to the domestic terminal side of the airport

§       Had a 2 hour layover in Honolulu……what to do to keep from getting bored since shops and eateries were scarce or closed, and I wasn’t particularly interested in cracking open my book…….

Arriving at the Marriott Hotel....with a missing luggage
play with my DS off course

§       A 4yr old boy named Tristan came up to watch and comment on my DS playing skills for a good hour….it was positively cute!!

§       Arrived in Kaua’i, went down to baggage claims carousel….30 minutes passes…carousel stops………NO LUGGAGE in sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

§       YUP……………THE AIRLINE LOST MY LUGGAGE!!!!!!!!!!! My reaction………quadruple AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Holy!!!!!!! Unbelievable……….just MY luck…..but come to think of it, this is JUST my luck……and well, actually another passenger’s. Hawaiian Air lost 2 people’s luggages…….

§       Spoke to the employee of the airline’s lost baggage claims, which was conveniently located right next to the baggage carousel….

Kaua'i Marriott - view from our hotel balcony
.asked her what was going on……..she had nothing concrete to say, just assumptions, and that hopefully it’ll turn up by the end of the day, mind you, the time was 6:30p

§       Friends picked me up……surprisingly, I wasn’t mad about my lost luggage, just dazed and confused…..all the thought in my head was this was going to be a huge wrinkle on this vacation…….

§       Stayed at the Marriott Kaua’i lagoons Resort in Lihu’e, just overnight………nice pad and luxurious place.

§       Kept calling the airline’s lost baggage claim every hour until 10:30p, and they still couldn’t find or figure out what the hell happened to my luggage… I asked what my options were as far as reimbursement and allowance………$30 a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I was now mad……..

§       All I have to say is, WALMART is the best ever! I bought enough items for one day that wouldn’t go over my allotted $30. Some toiletries and a shirt were donated by friends I had with me…….LOVE my friends!

Africancrab says:
Ha-ha! I could not help it, you cracked me up with your blog. I loved reading it too, but sounds like somethig I would write about. Thanks for sharing, made my evening. Great photos too btw
Posted on: Jan 07, 2010
mr_shanet says:
oh ya :)
walmart is great to find on a trip when in need, so is a wendy's and dairy queen :)
I was on the Big Island at a fancy resort like 30 minutes from kona or anything really.. they wanted $7.00 for simple cheeseburgers and toasted cheese sandwiches(no fries even:( also $20 for hotel t-shirt or tank top. day 2 found a dairy queen down the road :) and then went into kona day 2 or 3 and found wallyworld(walmart) and a wendys, locals sandles for $3 and mmmm 99cent junior bacon cheesburger time :) haha thought i would share....
Posted on: Dec 03, 2008
mr_shanet says:
to bad it was not a bag u did not need right away, then $30 would be ok :) glad it worked out, haha = "wtf" and all that :) lol
your journals are a good read, i know its sucks u went through it, but on the positive side - i got a good laugh :)
Posted on: Dec 03, 2008
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Waiting for my connecting flight t…
Waiting for my connecting flight …
Kauai Marriott
Kaua'i Marriott
Arriving at the Marriott Hotel....…
Arriving at the Marriott Hotel...…
Kauai Marriott - view from our ho…
Kaua'i Marriott - view from our h…
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