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the egg i thought i'd eat...there is no such thing as 'rational thinking' after a night of drinking turkish absinthe.
GOD HATES ME!! why hast thou forsaken me?! i didn't have a headache, but i sure didn't feel right. everything was blurry still...and i felt like i was still on the boat so i was walking all funny. i checked out of my room and started eating breakfast. i knew i had to get some food in me to soak up all the booze. breakfast starts at 8 and they said the tour guide would be picking us up at 8:15 so i tried to gorge as fast as i could. when he came i downed my coffee, shoved the rest of my sandwich into my mouth, grabbed another roll and a hard boiled egg and dashed on out.
everyone on the bus kept looking at me funny. what is this chick doing with a towel and an egg? i was told that i would get to swim, which is why i signed up for this tour. i wanted to swim at the duden waterfalls.
hrm. what am i gonna do with you?!
as it turns out i got scammed and the tour didnn't even go to duden and we didn't get to go swimming. so there i was, hungover and incoherent, in a bikini and a dress with a towel and a friggin' egg. wtf. so the egg was my buddy for the trip.
first we were off to perge, the site of an ancient roman bath and bazaar. i just took pictures of what i was seeing, i had lost too many brain cells the night before to retain any of the important historical information the tour guide was giving. sorry, i should've been more attentive. oh well. too late now. google it. pronounced "pear-gay".
after perge we were off to the jewelry store. i know, wtf? it's just a scam to get you to buy shit. i didn't fall for it. they followed me around like hounds and i quickly made my gettway.
went outside and bought a couple beers from the little store they had outside.
then we went to eat. the food was great. i had 3 beers with the meal. the beer was great too. i sat at the table with all the older people. they wanted me to sit with them because i was the "brash american" among a group of brits and aussies. and they said that I had a funny accent. BUAAAAHAHAHAHAAA!! bollocks!!
we got to a waterfall. it wasn't the huge duden waterfalls, but it'll do. at least i got to take the dress off and get drenched under it. that was nice.
after that the tour took us to an ancient roman aqueduct, an amphetheatre and then ancient greek ruins by the sea. [sorry i'm summarizing this so much. i was really thrashed. too thrashed to remember what was happening so i didn't retain any of it.
slutty bitch.
i made it back and took a well-needed shower. i had remembered that i left my jeans in the bus and i asked the guys at the hostel if they had the phone number of the tour company. i told him my situation and he called them on the phone. after a lot of talking and laughing he asked me, "they want to know why you took your pants off." "IT WAS HOT!!" i guess he told the person on the other line and they both started busting up laughing. what was so funny? anyhow i went and got my pants and then called the guys from the night before and planned on meeting up again for the last night i was spending in antalya.
...i think we went to the ramadan festival again...but i don't remember much. we killed a bottle of raki [turkish absinthe] and wandered around. somehow, luckilly, i ended up at the airport.
the flight back was not as awesome as the flight there. i was wasted, sleepy, and just a complete cunt until i landed in germany. the weather in antalya was sunny and gorgeous. the weather in germany was rainy and overcast. regardless i was recharged and ready to take on the world again.
what an awesome vacation this was.
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the egg i thought id eat...there …
the egg i thought i'd eat...there…
hrm. what am i gonna do with you?!
hrm. what am i gonna do with you?!
slutty bitch.
slutty bitch.
ugh. groggy!!
ugh. groggy!!
this reminds me of plinko.
this reminds me of plinko.
roman baths...a long time ago.
roman baths...a long time ago.
emperors toilet.
emperor's toilet.
they found an ancient backgammon t…
they found an ancient backgammon …
an ancient sign from the bazaar. 
an ancient sign from the bazaar. …
this was a stadium at one point wh…
this was a stadium at one point w…
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