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cause it was way cheaper!!

this was a whim of an adventure. i never decided to go to antalya. in fact, i had to look it up on wikipedia to figure out where it was. i did a blind booking thru german to see the beach. there are different genres to choose from. party, metropolis [east and west europe], culture, or beach. everything else was 19.99 [euro] but beach was 49.99 [euro]. whatever, i missed the water. you give them your credit card information after you select your 'travel theme'. once your payment goes thru they tell you where you're going and all your flight details. travel roulette. what's life without risk, eh?

having 3 seats to yourself is money. having 3 seats to yourself having paid half what everyone else paid, drinking a refreshing beer and watching the moon thru the window is M O N E Y!!

with the exception of the friggin' agriculture creep who kept talking to me and trying to get all up in my business, the flight was out of this world. i kinda had to fake that i was sleepy just so that he'd go away, but it worked out well as i did fall asleep for a spell. when i woke up and he was gone back to his seat in the front i looked out the window to see myriads of different lights flickering about on the earth. i wonder where that was...venice? greece? croatia? flying is so rad.

this is a great vacation already!!

FlyingDutchman79 says:
Thanks for mentioning this blind booking of Germanwings. I didn't know about this. It's really cool! Perfect for a weekend getaway :)
Posted on: Sep 13, 2008
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first class, eat your heart out!!
first class, eat your heart out!!
a kolsh, in a glass bottle, for le…
a kolsh, in a glass bottle, for l…
that bright light in the window th…
that bright light in the window t…
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