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Donna Nook is on the coast of Lincolnshire, England. It's only a half hour drive away from my home and I only discovered it in 2007, even though I've lived here all my life! It is an area used by the Royal Air Force for target practice and there is not much to do there as it is out in the countryside. The attraction here though is the grey seals which come during October and December every year to give birth to their pups.

When I heard about it I had expected to see a few seals, maybe 4 or 5 if I was lucky but there were thousands! I was amazed that I had been missing out on this every year! Apparently about 43,000 people a year visit and no-one had let me in on this!. It is managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust as a nature reserve and is free to everyone.

There is a large car park when you get there and then you just walk to the right along the beach and all the seals are there. You can't miss them. Follow the sound of their crys. It is quite a spooky noise as you can hear all the seals wailing to each other and crying while giving birth and no other noise at all.

A wooden fence surrounds the area, it has been erected in 2007 to try to stop people touching the new born pups. I still saw people leaning in to touch them though and this really annoys me. The main reason you can't touch them is because if the mother seal detects human or dog scent on its pup, she will abandon her pup and it may die. People should have a little more respect for these animals and not just touch them for their pleasure because they think they look cute.

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This seal pup was only a few hours…
This seal pup was only a few hour…
The beach was full seals, they wer…
The beach was full seals, they we…
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Donna Nook
photo by: Lebu29
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