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We took the non-stop train from Barcelona to Madrid the previous day and as soon as I stepped foot back in Madrid, I felt my heart surge with happiness.  Everyone I know prefers Barcelona to Madrid...but Madrid has my heart.  I think part of it is because it was the first foreign city I ever visited, but there is also something about Madrid that just makes me so happy.  It may not be as beautiful or as interesting as Barcelona, but Madrid definitely has a hold on me.  Plus, I can't say no to chocolate con churros from Chocolateria San Gines, bocadillos calamares, and the Mango outlet!

We checked into our hostal the previous night, where we learned that the Barcelona police had called our hostal (when we filed the police report in Barcelona, they asked us for our address in Madrid) and said they had recovered some of the contents from Michelle's stolen bag!!  We were so shocked.
...we had just talked to a couple at the U.S. consulate in Barcelona, and they said that when they filed their police report, the policeman said they get around 100 reports of theft each day...just in that one station.  We never expected to get anything back, let alone so quickly (we had filed the police report at 7:45am, and we arrived at our hostal around 9pm that night).  The warned us that it was only documents (obviously the electronics were nowhere to be found) but they would be overnighting the contents for Saturday (today) delivery! 

Michelle and I were still feeling a little blue, so we decided to do what we are best at...shopping.  We did some major damage at the Mango outlet and Zara...you would have thought the thieves took our backpacks with our clothes in it!!!  I bought SO much stuff...but I justify it because it is so cheap compared to the U.
S. and European prices (they're cheaper in Spain and Portugal).  I got the cutest summer skirts and dresses and I can't wait to wear them!

We returned to our room and opened our package...she got her purse back, some documents, her Coach wallet, and other stuff.  Unfortunately she didn't get back the flash drive which held all of here photos from her trip and a couple of sentimental things.  But we were so grateful that she got anything back at all and we were so thankful that the Barcelona police were so quick to send it to us in Madrid. 

Oh -- we got some yummy ice cream at Gian Grossi in Salamanca (great shopping area, by the way)!

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photo by: vulindlela