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Okay, so I realized I never finished updating this blog.  So here I go again, my memory is a bit hazy, but let's see what I remember.

So it was our last full day in Madrid and the last full day of our monthlong backpacking trip.  Hard to believe it was ending!!  It went by so fast and I was dreading going back home.  But, at least I was in Madrid, one of my favorite places in the world.

It was Sunday, which meant hardly anything was open.  HOWEVER.  Usually the shops are closed on Sundays, but they are open on first Sunday of the month.  And today was the first Sunday of the month!! Hallelujah.
  So yes, we went shopping....again.  I am very successful when I go shopping in Spain, especially in Madrid!  It is one of my best qualities haha.

I am not exactly sure why, but this day we got tons of attention because we are gemelas (that is Spanish for "twins").   In France, it was out of control.  The French people j'adored that we were twins ("jumelle" in French), they were so fascinated.  They were just very charming and genuinely curious.  They would stop us on the street and ask "somethingsomethinginFrench JUMELLE?"  OR when they would ask if we were sisters, and we'd answer "Jumelle", their eyes would light up!  I think they appreciated the fact that we knew a French word that most Americans wouldn't know.  Ah, the French, lol.

However, in Spain, it was a little different!

For some reason, this day people made comments, others were taking pictures of us, and I felt like we were celebrities haha.  It was just WEIRD.   For instance, we passed some guy walking the opposite way on the sidewalk, and as he passed us, he pointed his camera straight at us and then we heard the "click" of a camera taking a picture.  I was too much in shock to do/say anything, but seriously.  We got some picnic food at El Corte Ingles (bread, queso, jamon iberico, etc...YUMM) and sat in Retiro Park for awhile.  Of course, more people take pictures of us.  What the heck!  I didn't care, but it was just weird.

Besides that nonsense, I always enjoy sitting in Retiro Park on Sundays.  Great people watching!!  I also love watching the people paddle their boats in the little lake.  There was this one guy who was rowing/paddling insanely fast, and it was SO funny to watch.  People take their Sunday walks here and it's just nice to see all the families and cute little Spanish kids running around.  They have these little puppet shows near the lake and the kids have SO much fun, singing and shouting at the characters.  It's really very cute!  I also had my first taste of horchata today, which I enjoyed.

Later that evening, we tried to find some paella.  Of course, the restaurant that was recommended to us is CLOSED on Sundays.  We didn't want to go to any of the other tourist traps, so if we weren't going to have real paella, then we don't want the fake ones.  Instead, I buy a dress.  Then none of the ATM's around Plaza Mayor were working.  I figured, oh I guess I took out the maximum limit for the day.  I'll use the ATM tomorrow morning before we get in the taxi to the airport.  Um, big mistake!  You'll see why in my next entry!

Michelle and I got in a huge argument in the middle of Plaza Mayor.

So that was my last day in Madrid!

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