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Banner signs all over Cannes
I woke up that morning feeling sad, because our trip was halfway over.  I didn't want it to end!!!

We walked to Vieux Nice to the Cours Selaya, where an antiques market was taking place (it is there every Monday).  Thérèse doesn't serve her socca (chickpea crepe) on Mondays, so we were out of luck AGAIN!  I was so sad because I had read so much about her socca, and Michelle loved it when she had it last year.  Tomorrow, I was determined to get it!!  Michelle practiced some of her French and went to make a reservation at one of the restaurants she enjoyed last year.  I'm  not really into antiques, but the market was really interesting if a bit expensive!

We walked to the train station (which seemed to take forever) and go on the train to Cannes.
Cannes Film Festival poster
  The Cannes Film Festival was taking place, so the train was very crowded.  There was a drunk homeless guy on the train who kept screaming at people, I felt like I was back in NYC :)

Anyway, it wasn't very exciting in Cannes.  We took pictures, bought some souvenirs, and looked at all of the movie posters.  We sat down to write some postcards when some guy sat next to me and asked where we were from.  I said, "New York City" and he replied, "Wow because I am looking for some people from NYC to interview for my documentary film!"  I immediately thought "YEAH RIGHT!" He said, "My friend has the camera, but I cannot find him."  I replied, "Oh that's too bad" and then Michelle and I just looked at each other and knew we had to get away from this creepy guy.  So we bid him "Au revoir" and walked off to walk along La Croisette.
Me (sorta) by the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival :)

I was snapping away on my camera when the Creepy Guy came up to me AGAIN!  He had freaking FOLLOWED US!  He kept bothering me, saying that he wanted to interview us.  I politely told him that no thank you, we were leaving soon.  So then he started to call his friend to come with the video camera!!  He then gave me his business card because he wanted me to email him the photos that I was taking.  Like that was going to happen.  I tried not to be rude, but he was making us uncomfortable and he was just sleazy.  We finally got rid of him (AGAIN).

But you didn't think that was the end of it, did you?

30 minutes later, he had found us AGAIN!!!!  I was so frustrated at this point because he was just not getting the hint that we wanted to be left alone.
They had photographs of past movie stars that were at Cannes. This is me with Cary Grant, one of my favorite actors (I love classics)
  This time, he brought his equally sleazy friend with him with the video camera.  He begged us to be in his "documentary" and finally Michelle was so fed up, that she said FINE!! in hopes that he'd finally leave us alone.  They had her say on the camera, "I'm Michelle, from NYC, and I LOVE CANNES!"  It was hilarious.  I told her they'd probably manipulate it somehow and she'd probably end up on some gross website later. 

Other than that fiasco, I liked Cannes.  I didn't see any stars except Bai Ling, but she wasn't wearing a crazy outfit like usual.  There were so many beautiful people at Cannes, so you can't help but feel inadequate!   It was cool seeing all of the different movie ads and marketing.  I wonder what it would be like to visit Cannes when the film festival isn't there.  It doesn't seem like there is a lot to do there, but then again, we didn't spend too much time there to find out.   Maybe next time!!!

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Banner signs all over Cannes
Banner signs all over Cannes
Cannes Film Festival poster
Cannes Film Festival poster
Me (sorta) by the red carpet at th…
Me (sorta) by the red carpet at t…
They had photographs of past movie…
They had photographs of past movi…
They had photographs of past movie…
They had photographs of past movi…
3-D ad at Cannes for the new Simps…
3-D ad at Cannes for the new Simp…
Transformers movie ad at the Canne…
Transformers movie ad at the Cann…
photo by: Vikram