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I couldn't go to Santorini and not take a photo of this :)
After breakfast at our hotel, we went to the Pelican travel agency and booked our day tour for the following day.  We wanted to see the volcano and we ended up buying a day excursion -- boat trip to the volcano, hot springs, and then sunset in Oia (which we heard was one of the most beautiful in the world). 

It was a clear, sunny day, so we decided to take the bus to see if Oia was as gorgeous as the pictures.  We heard that you could walk to Oia from Fira (the village where we were staying), but we are terrible with directions and didn't think it would be a good idea to hike it, especially since our knowledge of the Greek alphabet was pretty much nada.  We had to wait for about an hour for the bus, but we passed the time by chatting with other travelers waiting for the bus.
My favorite photo from Santorini
   It was fun to share all of our stories and experiences, I love meeting people during my travels! 

As we rode to Oia, we were so glad because we definitely would've gotten lost and it would've taken us a LONG TIME to get to Oia from Fira.  Oia is where they filmed Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and it's also probably the most photographed of the Greek islands.  When I got there, I could see why.  Oia is GORGEOUS!!  I immediately fell in love with it, Oia is just incredibly beautiful and romantic.  The water is unbelievably blue and the white buildings (some with the famous blue roofs) are breathtaking.  There are a lot of stairs in Oia, especially if you want to head down to Ammoudi Harbour.
Ammoudi Harbour
   We walked around the village for awhile and interestingly, this is the day when we got our really dark tans.  We weren't even at the beach!!  

We were hungry so we walked down to Ammoudi Harbour (about 250 steps along the cliff).  We decided to eat at Sunset Taverna.  We wanted to eat there after watching Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown, and it did not disappoint!  The food was so fresh and delicious!  We had grilled octupus, fried calamari, cuttlefish, mussels in garlic & wine sauce, fisherman's salad, and some yummy wine.  We sat right next to the water and watched the fisherman come in with their daily catches.  It was amazing.

We decided to walk back up (what we were thinking -- I felt like I was going to die walking up all of those stairs!) and explore more of the village.   There were a lot of honeymooners/couples in Oia, and also groups of girls.  I guess Oia doesn't really interest guys that much?  We saw some cute Greek kids playing and then all of a sudden one of them started to pee in the corner!!  Other than that, I have to say that Oia lived up to its reputation and more.  
bwitch16 says:
Actually it's more like 300 steps, which is fine going down, but a b*tch going back up. Either way, it is a beautiful place to visit when in Oia. Awesome pics!
Posted on: Jun 06, 2008
Danielle19 says:
Great photos. Its it easy to take great pics when you are somewhere a beautiful as Santorini!!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007
zaga says:
Beautiful Photos!!! do you ever take bad pics? good job, congratulations :)
Posted on: Aug 23, 2007
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My favorite photo from Santorini
My favorite photo from Santorini
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