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We decided to see the Acropolis this day.  When we went to the ticket booth, there were signs saying that there was a strike that day, and that they were closing the site at 3:30pm.  Good thing we got there early!!  The ground at the Acropolis can get slippery because it's don't wear any slippery shoes here!

We came up from the southern slope of the Plaka and saw the Theatre of Dionysos which was where they had the annual festival of the Great Dionyosos.  It was when the Greeks in the golden age of the 5th Century partied, feasted, danced, and had contests.  It used to have 64 rows of seats, but now only 20 rows are left.  We also saw the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (it was closed), which was built by Atticus for his wife Reginella.
  It's used for public performances of drama, music, and dance during the Hellenic festival.  We were then greeted by the Propylaia,  the Temple of Athena Nike, and finally....the Parthenon!!!  It was so incredible to see in person.   It is a temple for the goddess Athena, who the city was named after.  The Parthenon's  lines were curved to create an optical illusion -- the foundations are slightly concave and the columns are convex to look straight.  The statue of Athena was housed here but it disappeared. 

We then walked over to see the Erechtheion.  This is where the Athena was challenged by her uncle Poseidon to provide the Greeks with the finest gift they could produce.  The people of Athens would then choose which gift they liked the best.
  Poseidon struck the side of the cliff and produced a spring of water, but the people didn't like it because it was salty and undrinkable.   Athena won the challenge her gift was the olive tree, which gave provided food, oil, and wood.   Athens was then named after Athena!!

After a quick lunch, we went down to Ancient Agora, which was the main meeting place in the ancient times, and the main hub of political and social activity.  All roads led here!  We saw the Stoa of Attalos, which was so pretty.  There were a lot of marble statues and busts, which I could have stared at forever.  Then we walked over to the Temple of Hephaestus (god of the forge), which is the best preserved Doric temple in Greece.

By this point, we were pooped from all of our walking/sightseeing and the sun was really harsh that day, so we decided to call it quits at the Acropolis.
  We noticed that Syntagma Square was really dead and then we realized that the metro entrance was closed!  It turns out that the strike was not only at the Acropolis, but for all of the public transportation.  Later we found out, the airport workers were on strike that day too.  Good thing we arrived the day before, and we weren't leaving for another 2 days!!  I don't know what we would have done.   We saw a lot of weary travelers (whose flights were cancelled) trying to find places to stay that night.

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We didnt eat there, so we never f…
We didn't eat there, so we never …
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