300 Euros for a bag of potato chips!

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Petros the pelican (well, one of them anyway)
We got to the Cairo airport around 1:30am and it was still bustling with people.  There were a lot of early morning flights like ours.  I guess the airport never closes!

We checked in with Olympic Airlines and we were starving, so we decided to get a bag of potato chips (our favorite snack food).  I didn't have a lot of Egyptian pounds left, but I did have Euros.  I noticed on the cash register that you could pay in Euros, so I requested the price in Euros.  The store employee said, "300 Euros."  I was like, "Are you sure??  EURO?"  He nodded.  I was too tired to argue (it was 2:00am by this point), so I decided not to get the chips.  Can you imagine paying 300 Euros for a bag of chips! :)  I hope there are diamonds in that bag!  There definitely was a miscommunication there.
Windmills of Mykonos

Surprisingly, the flight to Athens was completely full.  I didn't realize that taking a 3:45am flight from Cairo to Athens was so popular.  Poor Michelle was stuck with a smelly man next to her the whole time!  We arrived in the Athens airport, picked up our backpacks, and then headed upstairs.  We were going to take an Aegean Airlines flight to Mykonos...but it wasn't leaving for another 5 hours! 

We managed to pass the time quickly and before we knew it, we were on our flight to Mykonos!  I had watched the movie "Summer Lovers" (which takes place in Mykonos) a few weeks before our trip, so I laughed when we landed at the airport, which hadn't changed since the movie (which was shot in the 1970s).
Sunset cocktails and baklava in Little Venice
  We took a taxi to the main taxi square in Mykonos town, where we would then walk to our hotel. 

Of course, we got lost (the first of many times).  We didn't know the Greek alphabet and the street signs were obviously in Greek.  After a few failed attempts, we found our hotel (Hotel Philippi, which is fantastic!) and were greeted by the kind owner.  She showed us to our room, which overlooked the beautiful garden.  We freshened up and decided to explore the town.

We were starving and decided to eat at one of those restaurants on the harbor so we could have a nice sea view.  This one was called Rouvera and we pigged out.  Fried calamari, grilled vegetables in olive oil, a mixed seafood plate (squid,  octupus, sardines, shrimp), and we also had ouzo.
Sun setting near Paraportiani Church
  We did not learn until later that we drank ouzo totally wrong!  You are supposed to dilute it with water, which we didn't.  This is probably why we didn't like ouzo.

It was a culture shock to go from Cairo to Mykonos.  Cairo was so crazy, hectic, and go-go-go.  Mykonos was crazy too, but it still felt relaxed at the same time.

We walked around the beautiful streets of Mykonos, and saw the Church of Paraportiani and the windmills.  It was so windy (haha) up there, Michelle's dress kept threatening to blow up and give a show!  We decided to watch the sunset in Little Venice like everyone else.  I forgot the bar/restaurant where we drank, but it had a spectacular view and great drinks.   Watching the sunset in Little Venice is one of my favorite memories of Mykonos.

hondo2greece says:
Great experiences! You're right, Mykonos can be quite crazy and beautiful at the same time. Makes me want to be back in the islands...by the way "Summer Lovers" was filmed in Santorini not Mykonos.
Posted on: Oct 10, 2008
worldhopper101 says:
Loved your story! Well, that 3oo Euro bag of chips wasn't a case of misunderstanding, it was a case of ripping innocent tourists off!!! Take care and have fun on your next trips!
Posted on: May 03, 2008
hdichter says:
for 300 euros, I would expect those potato chips to make me lose weight, not gain it!
Posted on: Aug 30, 2007
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Petros the pelican (well, one of t…
Petros the pelican (well, one of …
Windmills of Mykonos
Windmills of Mykonos
Sunset cocktails and baklava in Li…
Sunset cocktails and baklava in L…
Sun setting near Paraportiani Chur…
Sun setting near Paraportiani Chu…
Mykonos at night
Mykonos at night
Mykonos at night
Mykonos at night
photo by: snobordrchic