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my new car...

after hiking sal and I went to go get ready for our night out on the town... at a shopping mall... we were going to Blue Martini a club that just recently opened up.  They had half price food and martini's! 

After we got dressed and dolled up we headed out to costco (or was it sam's club... I'm not too sure) to get the cake... it looked delicious as it was chocolate with cream cheese filling!  Yum.. Yum.. my favorite!!!  And by the we were the best dressed people there... I got some stares at me... they were probably like uhhh... why are these 2 coming in here?   But we survived! On the drive to Blue Martini we came across a billboard that made me laugh so much... you know I've seen job fair billboards before.  It usually is at an expo center and the person on the board has a briefcase or a laptop and is dressed nice.

.. nope not in Vegas... there was a job fair billboard for a "Motion Picture" and on the front was a sex pot of a model dressed in her bra... ha ha ha!!

We got to Blue Martini and Mel and Erinwere living the life... as usual.  They had tables blocked off for us and there was one table that had a Las Vegas shirt on it and all of us had to sign it.  Sal and I split 2 meals... you know sampling is always better than having only one to your self (I think I need to move to a culture that does that) and we started off with our drinks.  Which they were good... but as I told sal when he said there's not much alcohol... half priced drinks for half the alcohol.

The night kept going... people were coming in.

.. and everyone was screaming and giving hugs!!  It was great to finally put the faces with the people that I've been talking to this past year!  It seems like it's been a life time though... it's like we were meant to be in that room together!

As the night went on Mel told me that the really good frozen yogurt place is down stairs... my eyes lit up!!!  So her, RJand I headed on downstairs... the Frozen Yogurt Place was really magical!  There were a whole bunch of different yogurts your could mix together and then oodles and oodles of toppings!!  It was really exciting... we found a place to sit outside a chilled and chatted! 

We headed back up to the party and hung out even more... the dance floor started going with the live band and TBers got up and danced.

.. I was privileged enough to have Heinz as my dancing partner!  Mel and Erin wanted to dance on something high so they got up on the chairs...the staff didn't like that so they showed them a platform they could dance on so Mel, Erin and Dana got up on the table and started to shake it!  In the mean time there was a woman near a pole, well, I should say beam... who wanted to one up every one there...and I think she might have been practicing for that job fair billboard I mentioned above.  But she was humping the beam and flashing herself and dancing real sexily... it was ironic to watch!

I went back to my chair and talked to RJ and Sal and Dana and Adrian and Scott and  Angie and well, the list could go on for about 30 people.

.. RJ asked me if I had ever been downtown... I said no, he asked if I would like to go and my eyes lit up and said yes!  Louise was ready to go back to her hotel so she jumped in RJ's truck with me and we headed off!  We got to the strip where we saw the famous sign and decided to get out and grab a photo... only it was dark and our cameras didn't pick us out too easily.

Louise got dropped off and RJ and I went downtown to Fremont Street... I looked at him and said "oh...I have been down here"  He looked at me like I was could I have not known I was downtown... I told him it was yesterday when Mel, Erin an I got lost going to Sal's house and Erin turned around here twice to go back north... he laughed like anyone would at that story.

We walked around and it's like an outdoor carnival.

  There are artisans who are making their craft... like the one who was painting with spray paint... and it looked like something Bob Ross would do with oil paints!  There were also the dare devil motorcyclists who drove around the ball and then there's the LG light show.  Up above there's a canopy... you really don't know what it is at first but then every half hour there's a show... the lights around get dim and it's like a mile long LCD TV up above your head.  It gets changed every once in a while and this one looked like a bad 80's music video... it was pretty cool to see the image that big!  It's amazing what you can do with a TV screen now!!

RJ and I left and headed towards sals house... he told us he was going to be home in about an hour after we left.  We we were trying to get a hold of him but no luck.

.. RJ and I were driving around and around and finally he get's a hold of Mel... huh?  Sal's still out with them?  What? they're not at Blue Martini... they headed down to the Yard House to drink some more?  and eat!

So we headed back and found a seat with the rest of them and ordered our beer!  I was so excited because the Yard House has the type of beer I like called a Schmidwicks!  Blue Martini only had beer that tasted like water!  =(  So RJ ordered one too... I told him he'd like it... and we split some fries!  I finally got home around 2:30AM and because of the time difference I was beat... it would really have been 5:30AM in Pennsylvania!


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my new car...
my new car...
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