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So I got into the Vegas airport on time... and I immediately called Mel... she was like... OMG... you can't miss us!!!  I head down to baggage claim area and I felt like a VIP... there was Mel and Erin with signs just for me!!!  It was so exciting and it made me feel special!!!  

We took some pictures... of course... we are on TB... and  headed out of the airport.  They immediately took me to the strip so I could see what down town was... Erins windows were soooo dirty that I had to sit in the center seat of the back of the prius and roll down both windows just so I could get decent photo's as we drove by...I looked like a freakin' tourist!!!  I do have to say they came out really nicely! 

Next we went to the Meadows mall in search of a dress for Erin.

  We got into the mall and headed down to Charlotte Russ where Erin got side tracked like a kid with ADD in a candy store... low and behold in front of her were the golden gates to the Disney store.  Once we were in there Erin saw a whole bunch of things she just had to have... but she didn't buy.  She settled on a Pooh and Eyore stuffed doll.  Next up was Charlotte Russe... where Erin found a black strapless dress... Mel told her she didn't like it but Erin bought it anyways... sometimes you have to go against what your friends say... right?

Well, we left the Mall a half hour after we were supposed to be at Sal's for a BBQ.  We headed out and went south on 95.  A bit later Mel said that she thought we were going the wrong way.

we went to the mall and Erin found things she wanted to buy
.. so we turned around downtown (@ Freemont Street) and went North on 95. Some how we then ended up on I-93... so we turned around and ended up on 95 again... Erin was yelling at Mel to call Sal... we had to turn around on Freemont Street again... and then we headed North on 95.  Well, then Mel told Erin to get off on an exit... we got off and Mel told her to turn left... so we did... then she told us to turn Left again.  Erin looked at her and said did we go the wrong way?  We're headed on 95 again!  Mel said that she only knows how to get to Sals house going south so we had to go from that direction... I think Erin was about to kill her!!!

We got on the road to get to Sal's and we ended up at the gas station because we were supposed to bring Ice to the event.  While we were there Erin decided to get her car washed and asked the guy how much it was.

Erin's first time in a drive through car wash
.. he said regular was x amount, delux was x amount and super was x amount... Erin looked at him with a blank face and I tried to decifer... I was really close... I just forgot about the under carriage wash on the super! 

Well, Erin got the regular and we headed out to the drive through car wash.  Erin typed her code into the machine and went to drive forward so her tire would catch on the pully... reeech... I hear... her car started going on the wrong side... she backed up and tried again... bingo she got it.  Erin was really impressed.  This was her first time ever going into one of these car washes!!  Normally she hand washes!!

We went to sals house which is really nice.  He has a really nice patio and pool and a gorgous grill too!  He was a great host full of wonderful food he prepared himself with Ribs and Chicken and he even made an amazing Lychee Martini!!!  We hung out and chatted and did what TBers to best again and took some more photos!  It was a really nice Chill night!!  The other thing that was truly Amazing was sleeping in a Bed!!!  And actual Bed.

.. and this was a specially made bed from Wisconsin and it felt so comfortable!  The last time I slept in a bed was at the Sheraton in Boston on my Work trip a month ago... otherwise since I just moved to Altoona, PA I have been sleeping on a love seat (with my feet hanging off the edge) or an air mattress!!!

mellemel8 says:
it is a efffing funny day :)
Posted on: Sep 18, 2008
sincitytraveler says:
OMG...Mel and Erin are getting GPS for Christmas!
Posted on: Sep 13, 2008
RJ82 says:
ok good start!
Posted on: Sep 12, 2008
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we went to the mall and Erin found…
we went to the mall and Erin foun…
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Erin's first time in a drive thro…
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