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On my way out

So just like I planned I left work at noon... I didn't mapquest where I was going since I wanted to go the "right" way, so GOOGLE was more than willing to help. But the route they suggested was I-10 to 101-N... I thought that was going to be too long so I made the "smart" decision at the time to just take the 60 through town since that is the route to take to get to Vegas anyway. But anyone traveling to Vegas from Phoenix do not take this route, so many stoplights and traffic pretty much ruined all flow I had imagined. i suggest taking the I-10 West out to the I-303, it may add a few more miles, but you can travel at or around 75mph instead of stop and go at 45mph... = (

I was so happy that I was forced to drive instead of fly to Vegas, I got to see a little big of Wickenburg - reminds me of an old western town.

Bretts home here in Phoenix, Az... = )
Now I haven't traveled all within my state yet, but this one reminds me of a town where you can wear your wrangler jeans, cowboy boots and of course the cowboy hat. The buildings are a little older and have the western touch of swinging doors - so you are more than welcome to kick the doors and flash your six shooter on your way in... = )  It is only about 69 miles northwest of Phoenix, so I do have plans to return and stay the night and get my cowboy on...!!

Other than that, towns were few and far between... the next town was Wickieup, which was really non exsistant besides a small hotel and a BBQ hut with big signs - needless to say I wasn't too comfortable stopping here since it somewhat reminded me of something out of "children of the corn"...
I saw a sign of Bagdad "this turn - 20miles" - I was thinking heavily if I should go - but nothing really stood out or conviced me to go.

.. so sorry, just kept on driving. I actually was thinking that Erin and Mel would kill me if I got sidetracked and ended up getting "lost" again!

Kingman which is what a city was also a sight to see, this town has grown so much and pretty much the entry way to the Laughlin/Las Vegas/Los Angeles split...  the Dam Bar is something they tend to show alot of, so maybe I am going to have to check out that bar - Wendy says she has a shirt - so maybe she knows a thing or two?

About another hour late came something I was anxious awaiting... not only the Hoover Dam, but the bridge they are building... atlas, but somewhat of a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT... = (   I saw pictures of the development from friends and family about months, if not a year ago - I was expecting it to be further along that it really was.
By that I mean that it hasn't moved from the pictures that I first saw awhile ago. I was sad, the good news is that there was no traffic going across but all those curves and tourist walking around like they have no remorse if I hit them or not - were really time consuming. but i was still making some good time. I was on time for a 5 hour drive, which I expected.

After getting past the Hoover Dam traffic I was eager to see Las Vegas, I mean it has been AGES since I last been there... so  I was a little anxious again. Drivigng it, it was nice to see how fast Vegas is growing - i mean seeing how Phoenix and Vegas are mirror images of one another - growing wise, I wasn't surprise to see houses popping up just around the first corner...! So it was a nice drive and I saw the area known as the strip way in the background - now it was time to look for my google map and get to the Blue Martini... time for the fun part to begin...!!

pinchora says:
ha ha ha... yeah I flew over the dam and thought the bridge would be farther along too... my mom showed me photos from back in March!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
NancyBC says:
Well done. I liked your part on the Dam. Living here while the effort progresses you have to keep a sense of humor. Those monster legs are all we've seen for too long. They say it will creep its way along the mountain on your right as you skirt the edge of Boulder City going into the valley. There is an area where the railroad moved supplies through for the dam workers so NDOT talks like they will use the old footprint. Could work. Ditto on the comparison to the Phx. Valley. Nice road trip. :=] N.
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
Quest says:
It seem like a real nice drive. If I only dared driving around in the States on my own.. lol
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
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On my way out
On my way out
Bretts home here in Phoenix, Az...…
Bretts home here in Phoenix, Az..…
Almost missed this turn off...
Almost missed this turn off...
Laughin or Vegas?!?
Laughin or Vegas?!?
photo by: hannajax