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Well, it’s the final day of the cruise, We don’t actually arrive in Venice until morning, but the schedule will pretty much be get up, eat breakfast, and disembark. 


It’s been a fantastic trip.  At the beginning I was a little worried about spending 12 days on a ship, but it’s been great.  I had one of the larger, balcony rooms, and I would definitely recommend it.  I’d heard mixed reviews prior to booking some people saying that the larger exterior rooms weren’t worth the money because you did nothing in the room except sleep.  If you’re SURE that will be the case for you, then maybe the smaller or interior rooms are okay.  For me, and being in the ship this long, I enjoyed having a place to get away during the afternoons to have some ‘me’ time.  Also enjoyed the large glass door and window to the outside world.  Will definitely go for the balcony room on my next cruise; and there will be a next cruise. 


Cruising is a great way to cover a lot of territory in a little time.  It’s also great to only unpack/repack once.  A couple of months ago, I spent two weeks in Italy hitting four cities.  By the time I got to Rome, it was just easier to live out of the suitcase than to unpack/repack at each hotel.  The down side, is that you don’t really have enough time in any one place to really enjoy the city.  The exceptions on this trip were Venice and Istanbul where we spent the night at port. 


Are the excursions worth it?  Depends on how much research you want to do in advance.  We booked an excursion in every city, two in Istanbul.  It’s a great way to see the ‘tourist’ spots in a town, and relatively inexpensive compared to taking taxis to get where you want to go.  They also take care of getting the tickets to the individual attractions for you.  There were a couple of times where I wanted to check out a site at my own speed, or see specific things that I found more interesting than the tour guide did.  Pretty much a win some/lose some deal, but all in all, they worked out well, and the guides provided a lot of trivia that we didn’t have to dig out on our own. 


Sounds like the disembarkation is well planed and should run as smoothly as the check-in did.  Looking forward to being home, but not so much to the long flight. 


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