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Entering the time machine. Nearly everyone has done this before.

Unlike the last escape this one really did last more than one day.  And because of that we found it necessary to do a little planning.  But again it had to be very quiet and discretionary. No one should know about these voyages into the other realms.  From outside our living structure all looked normal.  We had taken a large box constructed just for the purpose of loading belongings into and filled it with the lightweight clothing and body coverings we wished to take with us.  Then we filled another special box that has very thick insulation with several items we wanted to remain cold and covered everything inside with the hardest liquid we could find chilled to the coldest temperature it could stand. In fact, it was so cold that it was no longer liquid.

I ate a meal, consisting again of small wheat pieces shaped like very small donuts with liquid taken from a bovine all placed in a small vessel.

The world slowly gets washed away.
  I managed to eat this with a fairly modern invention that is a metal stick with one end flattened and spread wide into a fairly round area and then shaped so the center was lower than the edges. In that way it would hold some liquid and food. 


My wife had a glob of round bread which she sliced in half and spread a substance on each one that was white and soft and manufactured from bovine fluid. The metal stick she used was also long and slim but one end of hers was long and flat which helped her cut the bread glob and spread the soft white substance over the bread. Thank goodness we live in a modern age where we don’t have to use sticks or our fingers.


We loaded our transport vehicle quietly and quickly, being sure to not let neighbors see that we were about to escape.

You are wiped out of the present and into the future.
  Our last trip could have accommodated two extra people, but not this time.  And this time would require some special, and different preparations.


It was early for our part of the planet, the single hot glaring sun was up and beginning to bring the temperature up over the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark for yet another day.  Our part of the planet suffers this for almost three months.  It is our main reason for the escapes.


We strapped ourselves into the vehicle and I pressed the Power button.  The blue lights of the dashboard came to life and I could tell everything is working properly.  No engine noise, that isn’t necessary in this day and age, and it would possibly spoil our escape.

And suddenly the low whoosh of sound begins.


I moved the thruster link and the vehicle slowly moved onto the dark corridor that ran between properties.  A system of these corridors as been developed to assist in getting people from one place to another without interrupting too many people or driving into swimming pools or other front and backyard objects.  It doesn’t work all the time but for most people controlling the vehicle on these corridors has helped a great deal.


This time we are in search of a very special time machine, one that will assist in projecting us to our final destination.  I can’t tell you where this time machine is, but I have been led to believe there are a few spread around our planet. They look just like the others, but these have special capabilities. We made our way to it and paid the bribe to the attendant to allow us in.

Suddenly we find ourselves overlooking the coastline just north of Morro Bay.
  The amount of the bribe allows you to escape for a certain amount of time.  We paid for three days.  It takes only a minute or two and we were off.


Moments later we were overlooking the coastline in the foothills just north of Morro Bay.  I stopped to take a few pictures and you can see not only the huge rock at Morro Bay but the triple towers of the power plant.   As you look on west the ocean disappears under the fog bank that looks so soft and peaceful, like super light frosting on a chocolate cream pie.


This escape is more about the ocean and homes than trees as was our last get away. We have gone west instead of east.

YantiSoeparno says:
At the first, I didn't know what pictures they are. Now, I know it was your car being washed. Brilliant!
Posted on: Sep 16, 2008
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Entering the time machine. Nearly …
Entering the time machine. Nearly…
The world slowly gets washed away.
The world slowly gets washed away.
You are wiped out of the present a…
You are wiped out of the present …
And suddenly the low whoosh of sou…
And suddenly the low whoosh of so…
Suddenly we find ourselves overloo…
Suddenly we find ourselves overlo…
You can see the fog layer just bey…
You can see the fog layer just be…
A little closer view.
A little closer view.
Up closer you can see Morro Rock o…
Up closer you can see Morro Rock …
photo by: Hummingbird