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NOTE: Muswell Hill is NOT in the middle of the ocean. I am confused about why the map says that is where it is located. It is actually in the North of London.

    Acting 2 final, Day 2. That was my last real class in London. I must say it was more of a relief than an emotional “last.” Just as I begin to sense at the end of any school year in America, it was definitely time for summer break. Unfortunately I’ve still got one more paper to write.
    Josh had to leave today. Since I was in class all day, I had to say goodbye to him and explain to him how to find his way to the airport before I went to the final. I think he figured it out. There’s not much that's confusing about, “Get on the Picadilly line, and stay there for an hour and a half.”
    After the final I got to do something exciting (not that I don’t do a lot of exciting things here)-- I went to show for Nikki’s Stand-Up Comedy class. The show was a culmination of the class (their final, in a way), and they each were to do ten minutes of their own written routine at a pub in Muswell Hill called the King’s Head.
    The weather today was unusually warm, so I left decked out in freshly purchased London grab-- a cute black and white flowery dress from a Southgate excursion (NO COAT!!!) and these serious high-heeled black boots from Oxford Street. I was happy to be able to show off the fact that I haven’t gained a ton of weight here. Well, that, and for reasons of “Hey don’t I look great in this” revenge.
    Anyway, a group of us (Daniel, Greg, Sorrel, Rachel, etc) took the bus out to the pub and proceeded to get lost. I will never get the hang of these dang buses. Despite that we were there pretty early so we waited in the bar upstairs for a while. It was a really neat place. I haven’t been to enough pubs while I’ve been here since I don’t drink, but they are fun to hang out in anyway. Later we were able to save ourselves some front row center seats downstairs in the room where the show was going to be held. It had low ceilings and was dark and felt rather like a basement.
    The show was great! It got very hot and very crowded, but was definitely a good time. I was so proud of how revealing everyone was allowing themselves to be. Even as a performer, the idea of doing stand-up is absolutely terrifying. I was so nervous for everyone, but left very proud. Nikki was somehow able to break past the English/American humour/humor barrier and get some great laughs about being from Idaho and loving potatoes.  
    Afterwards we were already hungry again so we stopped by a kebab shop on the way out, as per usual late night London feedings. I was so hungry I scarfed down a bunch of someone else’s chips and vinegar.
    Since Josh was gone, Nikki and I had a girls night after we came home from the show and chatted about life, and who was good or bad in the show... all over tea, of course.

londonstudent says:
The TB system is that, when you input a location, it tries to verify it against its gazetteer database, but if it can't be found the user can then input the co-ordinates; and that user-defined entry gets added to the database. Unfortunately some people are very sloppy about specifying the co-ordinates correctly, as appears to have happened here. It's not unusual - yesterday I found a town in the Netherlands apparently located off the west coast of Africa.
If anyone knows the correct co-ordinates they can use the "Report duplicate location/spam" link over the map to advise the powers that be, who will make the necessary correction, and I've just done this for Muswell Hill, so it should be back on dry land before long :)
I'm glad you enjoyed your evening there!
Posted on: Aug 11, 2008
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Muswell Hill
photo by: apple_crumble07