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Nikki and I, hanging out in Covent Garden
    Back from adventures in Prague, throwing myself into my last hours of soaking up London...
    Today was the last full day that Nikki and I had together in London, so we did some special things. We walked around in central, which is pretty much the best thing ever. We needed to get super touristy things that we thought we were too good for the whole time we were away. I bought union jack socks. Terrible. I know. I kind of hate myself for admitting that.
    We went to Fortnum  and Mason near Picadilly Circus for afternoon tea for two! This was pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. We went to the top (I think) story of the department store, and there was this fancy sitting room with all these fancy people sitting at tables.
Yay London!
There was a piano dude playing standards (which I went on to guess, correctly might I add, for the duration of our tea time). We got to eat lots of little stereotypical sandwiches and INCREDIBLE loose leaf tea. We sat there for a very long time, enjoying food and each others’ company. I couldn’t have asked for more.
    After a very long tea time, we went to catch Mary Poppins in Soho. It was fun, I suppose. The sets were absolutely incredible, and the singing was good, and Bert was cute, but it just made me long for Julie Andrews and the songs from the movie (which are far, far better). We also had to sit around LOTS of noisy, fidgety kids, which was less than desirable. The highlight, to be sure, was the tap dancing during “Steppin’ Time.” I would go again only to see that part.
    We made a mopey tube trip back to Oakwood, and in the evening we had one last group hang out at Flat 50. Sara made us a WONDERFUL farewell cake. It was really nice to be able to see our English friends one last time. 
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Nikki and I, hanging out in Covent…
Nikki and I, hanging out in Coven…
Yay London!
Yay London!
London makes me look so ethereal...
London makes me look so ethereal...
Goodbye with cake
Goodbye with cake
The girls... so hard saying goodby…
The girls... so hard saying goodb…
photo by: ulysses