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British Museum. This photo does not capture the hugeness of this place. The wings extend quite, quite far in either direction.
Yay!!! Mary (my sister) came to visit me today since spring break (or "Easter Break" as they call it over here in I-used-to-be-really-Christian England) is coming up. I had some time before I needed to go retrieve her from the airport, so I spent an hour absorbing a few exhibits in the very, very, very large British Museum. I saw the Rosetta stone. That was cool. They have some really neat stuff in there. I don't know who all Britain had to make a deal with in order to get allllll of this stuff from all over the world, but they sure were comprehensive about it.

I decided that no matter how much I love someone, I will probably never go pick up anyone at Heathrow again. An hour and a half each way on the tube is DEATH.
Rosetta stone + everyone else and their mother crowding around it

When Mary got up to Middlesex with me, we walked around muddy Trent Park and went up to the obelisk with Greg and Zach. We had an encounter with some geese, but survived.

In the evening Mary and I went to a little cafe off Carnaby Street for dinner, and then to The Sound of Music, which was reeeeaaallllly good... I hadn't seen it since I was in it in 8th grade. Since I'd gone in the morning to get "day seats," which means that you go at 10AM the morning of to get tickets, we got to sit in the FRONT ROW. Everyone was really, really talented, and it made me, unfortunately, miss musical theatre a lot. The only unfortunate thing about the production was the group of old ladies sitting behind us who kept singing along and asking questions about what was going to happen and making comments, very loudly, about the cast. At the climax of the show, when Rolf finds Liesel with his flashlight when they're all hiding, and the whole house is silent with anticipation, one of them says, "Is he gonna save her? He's going to save them, isn't he?" AHHHHHHHH, people need to learn how to behave in the theatre. They should give you a list of rules before you go in. GEEZ. Oh well, the show rocked anyway, and "Climb Every Mountain" still made me cry a lot. Some things never change.
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British Museum. This photo does no…
British Museum. This photo does n…
Rosetta stone + everyone else and …
Rosetta stone + everyone else and…
The theatre
The theatre
photo by: ulysses