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Huuuuuuge promo poster outside the theatre
This morning we went to Heathrow Airport to do a project for my invisible theatre class. The four of us had to "act out" a scenario in which we were having an argument/disscusion about global warming and the effects of CO2 emissions from airplanes. We were supposed to get in a queue and do this, but security was tight, we had to have boarding passes, etc., so we had to just do it at a cafe. The ladies sitting by us joined in the conversation, though, which was part of the plan. It was scary/exciting. After that Dan and I rushed into central to be a few minutes late for Equus, with, yes, it's true, naked Daniel Radcliffe  (Harry Potter). The play itself was incredible... the writing, the use of space,... really really good. Harry Potter was alright for being seventeen and never having done stage acting. Then we had Italian food. I don't remember where. I'm getting really lazy about this, aren't I? And then we walked around. I love walking around.

When we got back to Oakwood, we went to Daniel's and watched some show about the top 100 British television adverts of all time and had tea. Ha.
kellz says:
no pictures?!?!?
Posted on: Mar 19, 2007
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Huuuuuuge promo poster outside the…
Huuuuuuge promo poster outside th…
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