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For those playing at home, I thought I should mention something about what I'm up to inbetween fabulous adventures.

I've been very busy with class this semester... I have school every day, which takes away a lot of the free time I had before. I'm taking: Contemporary Television Drama (we watch tv, talk about it, and are going to film our own pieces at the end), Acting 2 (Commedia stuff... not too into it yet), Invisible Theatre (Boal, social issues, we're devising our own pieces to do in some public space... scary), and Solo Performance (we're jsut screwing around in class now, but at the end we get to perform our own pieces of whatever we want... I think I'm going to sing). Most of my classes are about things I already know/things I've already studied, but I'm still trying to get as much out of it as possible. I think things will get better towards the end of the semester. I've also been taking outside classes. I'm taking ballet at Pineapple more regularly, and I started taking Alexander Technique lessons at an Alexander center on Oxford Street. I'd spoken frequently with one of my professors at UCI about how this would be beneficial to me, and after months of putting it off and being afraid, I finally decided to do it. It's going to help me to open up physically and emotionally to allow me to be more vulnerable onstage, which is obviously really important for an actor. It's been scary, but I know it will be good for me. In other news, I'm hanging out with the year-long Americans and the new group of British people I'm friends with more often. We go over to Irish Daniel's flat often to play games or watch tv (it's sad how excited I get when I can watch Friends reruns in another country), but it's also fun to stay in with Nikki and Greg (the Americans) and have tea and share stories about how we're getting on over here. I've been a lot happier this semester, because after my long distance relationship being cut off, I don't resent being here anymore. I actually enjoy living in Europe instead of feeling guilty about the decision to come here and counting the days until I can go back to California. I think it was a blessing in disguise, and I plan on fully relishing in the fact that I have more time to myself over here. I stopped missing people at home as much, because I know I'll see them again before I know it. I am still very worried to move back, however, because I know I won't be able to relate to many people. Even when I went home over break, I felt that there was this huge divide widening between me and my friends because I'd been away and had all these crazy life experiences separate from them, and they didn't know what I'd been through. I wonder, sometimes, if it's worth it to go away and explore the world, only to have to come back home and have no one understand you and be alienated. Hmm. Anyway, after last semester being sort of a practice run, I'm diving in head first to the "study abroad" thing now so that I can go home in June without regrets.
kellz says:
i am happy for you of your decision!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2007
londonstudent says:
I'm so glad that you're feeling happier and more optimistic this semester!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2007
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